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Depending on because she's angelina jolie and she loves the elsam sadomasochism for just just for the sake of it why are they going to say that she's romantic after this entire movie wear i never i always believed her when alex was coming under her and she was like i'm not end eu dude like that she would actually care whether he lived or died was a false note i do like this one bit when ian glenn is in frozen time and he's throw him the knife and angeline is turning it around i think at just see in the slight imperceptible movements in un's face a little bit of oh shit like he can tell the nightmares turning around and foot he's moving so slow but i think the actor cells me in that gaze of oh boy this is not going to go well and then he gets stabbed but not bad enough that he can't engage in fisticuffs before yeah i here's what i think they had that as the ending and then someone said this is not exciting enough we want to see lara go oneonone punch kick and really go action and so even though this man is down way down he's going to get up for unknown reasons and engage in yet another climax they have an assistant he's got this longhaired fool that's been trolling around behind him with a bunch of folders couldn't they make him do something yeah i thought that was jack knows worthy for awhile but you hit the nail on the head they said in the commentary we decided that we need see lara croft be a little bit more heroic and have an end fides and so we collapsed the temple and have one final fight and she gets to kill powell and save last in the end barely escaped with their life we get one final action set up where she's skiing behind a bunch of sleddogs through through ice tunnels sat was so much fun now is just like i just thought of like the world's greatest waterslide yeah it would be something there.

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