Regicide discussed on The Matt Allen Show


What was your reaction to councilman farrier would you think hello yeah i don't believe i don't believe anything he's i'm sorry i believe anything you live in his ward would most of my family is in lord well now with the news that has come out and you know things that have been said no they're they're totally trucks do they vote for him to begin with actually my daughter just bought a house in his district over the past year but all of her was are in regicide and i'm not quite sure who they voted i never asked them i wonder how many people out there listen he thinks there's a couple of people have called in emailed me and said that this guy has done a lot for the for the people in east providence they're happy with them and so i would imagine that if he has a lot of support and based on what he's done if people listen people if you're honest with them people are very forgiving in public they really are cow thank you for the call they really are i've noticed that no of my time covering politics you can have somebody they come forward and say you know what screwed up or or something happened in you tell everybody about it and you're on the up and up about it you'll get what you need to know about it and you tell them and say listen either i'm different or this was an accident or whatever it was and most people are not going to judge you for the realize that there's a lot of there's a lot of permutations of human existence out there that human that does not preclude you from trying to try to make the community better you know it's one.

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