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Imagine and play out their future roles, the about forty dollars, and we'll be available writers on writing in Barbie for President I'm doing it. Wrong. On deep. All right. We've got your phone tap of we're hearing room. It's a very funny tip. You decide it's coming up after this. Part of today's show Elvis Duran on-demand. Free show posted every day search Elvis Duran. Only iheartradio. APP Elvis Duran, and the morning show. Hiring challenging. But there's one place you can go where hiring is simple and smart that place is ziprecruiter. We're growing businesses connected to qualified candidates. Try It for free at Ziprecruiter, dot com slash Elvis Ziprecruiter the smartest way to hire. Elvis Randy Elvis Duran phone tap daybreak. So convinced. That this is the best phone tap ever. All right. Well, what this phone tap all about brody. Well, Elvis, Theresa wanted us to phone tap husband. Kevin, they ordered new furniture for their house. They don't have any furniture and they ordered a couch and some chairs and a Shays Lounge and they waited over a month for it and it still hasn't shown up. So I call as the guy from the furniture store to update them on the progress of their furniture on. All right. Let's see what this phone. Yeah. I'm looking for Kevin. This is Dan Dasm. I'm calling from his hand furniture. Are You doing today? I'm not doing so good at. Furniture here. You know what I got I, got your email. I got some notes here. Just came across my desk email one email, we've been sending emails for a while. This is the first contact I. Guess we're sitting on nothing. Okay my listen Dany. Randazzo, they called me to dazzling dazzling fix things. I'm GonNa fix his for you. Kevin, I promise you. Get what I hope you fix it. You better. Me Danny I. Like I, like to stay. Here for the Beamer in Height Sofa. Beaverton. Heights. Bargain. Right. You got a couple of minutes do some research. You're going to get your furniture. You'RE GONNA, get all. The problem is we have a shaved shortage and so you're. Shays. Shortage. Tried you. Dazzle me Danny, not feeling dazzled what my furniture going now for Martin, the trucks GonNa? Leave? Missouri. It's GONNA TO HEAD UP TO CLEVELAND and from. CLEVELAND. It's GonNa. Go across the Philly Delaware coming. Out. I'm going to throw in a free lamp. To lamps, those are fifty, six dollars each. To, Mexico. Wall when it comes. Four gets, the Cleveland I'll have the mode, the lamps on the truck and. Manager. Something like I, you got to talk to let me see if I can get on express trump and we'll take it across the country. WE'LL SKIP Cleveland hold on a second because I'm on. Rabble y'all. Selva. Patriots. So Kevin here's what we got the truck I. Set It, I'm not getting. I understand you've had a rough couple of weeks and I apologize. Let's. Cover Week. What are you doing? Man You, play rocket prices game. I'm going to come down there. Store building. I'm a furniture guy I on the dazzling not. Think Mumbo, jumbo making songs. I don't know how it works I. Tell. You get your stuff Kevin. You can trust me. You're getting your stuff I. Don't I don't lie people. People you. Could. Tell. You. Around the country, I don't know what your problem is made you gotTa. I. Let me think I think I may have a chair or two in my Manhattan. Warehouse. The chance that you tomorrow. have. Now, can me ready ordered? Word. One thing I don't do is lie hold on. Let me check. Okay, good news. We have chairs in Manhattan. Resisting that you lie. It says, don't believe him. You don't side of. That I didn't hear that you put me on hold and that's exactly what telling me like the other storms thing either I know you're. Not because I'm trying to help you hear. Anything that's Daily. Let me see if Miguel is here is my boss hold on? Okay. Dave Day and the furniture is lately laid laid. Kevin. Wait wait. Wait. Around. And leers. Jevon Miguel says, he can't come to the phone. I'm going to. Extend my game me by name at it. Said, the lyrics were fake. You make little song to set of delivering the same furniture's what you do, how is what you're saying. Only, get a choice like you get to what? You. Spend my name. I was GONNA sell my nate's. Why don't you ask you once? Theresa. Stopped. Kevin. This is David. Brody from Elvis joined the morning show. We're phone tapping you on the radio. This isn't the furniture. It was so funny. What are you doing? intermission granted by all participants. Always. Durant Tab. On Elvis Duran and the morning show. That's what our shows house. Dog is man's best friend and being. So you probably given the freedom to roam anywhere in the House Mikasa. But. Sometimes, they duly behind stinky odors, I mean, he's still a dog, right? So instead of washing them. Use oxy, clean odor blasters around the house. They attack odors at their core. 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