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She said a better disciplinary system was needed for bishops who enabled abuse to occur in his letter pope Francis called on Catholics to help the church up route child sexual abuse, calling it a culture of death in a statement, the Vatican spokesman, Greg Burke said the pope understood the extent of the damage done. This is about Ireland. This is about the United States, and this is about Chile, but not only pope. Francis has written to the people of God, and that means everyone. It's significant that the boat calls abuse a crime, not only a sin and that he asks for forgiveness, but he acknowledges that no effort to repair the damage done. We'll ever be sufficient for victims and survivors. The pope has listen to many victims over the years in this is clearly shaped the letter. He points out that the wounds from abuse never disappear. Pope Francis has written other letters to countries including Chile and Australia, style, religious offense. Reports academy why this one is different. I think it's significant because it's unprecedented in that it's a less to the entire faithful all of the world's Catholics on the subject of sexual abuse. It's an issue that is a very grave one for the church, but no pope has until today written a letter to every Catholic in the world on the subject. And it does follow the disclosure of abuse that took place in Pennsylvania. And was reported on by the grand jury. It shows that does this kind of gathering storm revelations of pasta abuse in the Catholic church and that they've been covered up not just in the United States also in Australia. Also in Chile, also here in Britain. Learn inquiry found last week that the had been more abuse in schools than had been previously thought, and it's designed. I think to set up the pope's arrival in island on Saturday. Another place where faith in the church has been shattered really by repeated cases of abuse by priests and by nuns. Now, advocates for victims of abuse by Catholic clergy. So disappointed with the letter. What's the broader response to it? Being the responses that. Survivors of abuse would like to hear more from the pope in terms of action rather than just woods and sympathy, Catholic abuses, not a new story in the sense that in the dust of Boston in the northeastern United States in the early part of the last decade, there was a big scandal that was a film made about the Boston Globe discovery of all this abuse at the time, the pope decried it, Christian leaders decried this abuse. They said it was terrible. And some survivors today saying, this is just a repeat of what happened back then. This is just fine. Words from the pope is one survivor said earlier and no actual sign of ANC action sanctions for those guilty of abuse all covering it up, religious affairs reporter. Callum may next to you gotta wear around seventy. People have been detained in the capital component. Police and security forces fired live rounds and tear gas on protesters calling for the release of five opposition and peace, including the pop. Musician, Bobby wine who they say has been tortured in detention Ugandan President, you are seventy has described these reports as fake news. These people describe the situation in the city earlier, Tony so much disorganized. It's affecting people's business and soldiers beating some innocent people who have just left there aren't going home and you'll get seventy own with says, power belongs to the people. Now, people have come out to say they want to be wine to be the president of the Republic of Uganda. This police spokesman million Komiya said older had now been restored, but his weekly intervene danley this traditions now come with us or compounds and early Gannon's note engage into this race because as we say, unlawful, they're not acceptable. The criminal actions correspondent in Kampala, Catherine beer Hunga told me what the protesters are calling for for the main thing that the is. Have been saying is that the routes on the streets demonstrating against the detention of what we wind. Now, he's a popular musician who's now a member of parliament and they say that he's been tortured whilst in detention and they would like him to get proper medical treatment..

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