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Seventy seven WABC well this is us some interesting news just breaking a few moments ago any club which are now says she's suspending her campaign and she is heading to Dallas tonight to be with Joe Biden because she plans on endorsing him and this is also after to judge yesterday dropped out and word is that he is going to be given his support to Joe Biden as well so the question is will warrant dropped with Bloomberg drop because they're really the ones that are going to make it difficult for Biden to really give sound on for his money warrants the wing mate of burning the outside yeah that's what I meant yes this yes but where it does can blow me up and held well that's the problem he's got money to burn and the most interesting thing is is even if you are a guy we're going to talk about this in the next hour Boucher mayor Pete would suggest that he wanted his followers to back biting which is a much easier appeal for Colbert shot to tell her followers they've pulled his followers they they want to go for Bernie because remember he was a junior Bernie Bernie I for a while but if you look in you you kind of break it down the people that he got the votes from the delegates that he actually got the votes from blue to judge I'm talking about he had all very very strong armed presence and showing with college educated white people not certain area that Bernie may not get so it's good I disagree with you I don't know I I don't know about the white college hipsters millennials and young people but we're talking about the older educated white voters don't go for burning they're not going to you're going to buy a number is one eight hundred eight four rate W. A. B. say the question is I will judge said Juliet end up going to Italy with all the mission gosh it's coming out of Italy where the corona viruses spreading even faster than it was originally in red China the adviser to Iran's supreme leader has died from corona virus this is the guy who was like right next to the Ayatollah can I have one that can I play I'm not since I'm gonna lose my job you see I told right how he turned away to me right think about it though this doesn't right this is his close adviser so that's a little interesting by the way speaking of Israel's mortal enemy Iran in the ayatollahs they have their election results which will be in at three o'clock this afternoon this is the third election and I love this because the guy who was the chief of staff for the mold Meanie equivalent to trump for the challenger Ganz and accounts went to is rabbi and had a long sit down with a truck by the way a Roman Catholic would go to a priest but a priest as you know maintains confidentiality will not we'll take whatever you say to is great the rabbi had the conversation taped no yes in which his chief of staff say yeah even though dances a war hero even though he's everything in the military can't trust him the deal with Iran my god I really trust yeah I chose not been yeah okay our our rabbis not they did not have that construction that Roman Catholic priest shall you give a convention I watch my backyard so that when he was seen meeting with with Netanyahu's people that the release of the tape now that's right before the election yeah this is great stuff this is great we probably will know by the time Ben Shapiro comes on who if anybody has won the third round of the election or if it's another deadlock and guess which group could swing this female Arab and Christian Palestinians who have now registered to vote in a greater number than ever before because they're the Palestinians with the question or Arabic Arabs can vote they have their own party oh boy it's gonna be interesting I. numbers one eight hundred eight four rate W. A. B. C. but I think rose has some advice for you and your trip to the Thalia welcome to W. A. B. C. road rose hi guys listen I want a highly recommend that you get your Scottish friends and get down to Sicily and the south of Italy it's a very long distance between their Venice and you can always go to Venice after the whole mess clears up again that's that's very true I mean food in Sicily all I know brash and gorgeous you know and you can wander around down there to the select cat to probably thought this rose what if what if we decided to avoid Venice and we decided to go over to maybe we did Roman them we went down to not believe this and your visited John's hometown yes and then we went over maybe to Matara or body where you guys are from Curtis families from then on I would like to stay on the other coast then Napolitano Coastwatch opposite the yeah yeah you want to be on the Mediterranean coast safe and Naples and also that's where our P. two came from in almost all I know that we have the best pizza in Naples at this little dive you gotta go further down the boot I you got each as opposed to westside apartment Terrel looks so cool is that city that's built it like caves in the walls are all looks amazing I never is one eight hundred eight all right thank you A. B. C. Li what people I guess they weren't suite was Elliott in Lakewood last name welcome to W. A. B. C. Elliott yeah right why did you go in Italy I'll break it down this way if you're going as the reporter battlefield also updated for what's really going on in the background god bless you I say girl if you're just going because you are going for a good time your moron why is that because you don't put yourself in danger unnecessarily also look at the look the way everyone now my advice to everybody is just stay close to home until you really know what's going on there's a chance your daily you might not get back into the country well we would be very careful about that I mean if we if there's a travel ban we're obviously not gonna you know record right there in your ride go to what you think is a safe zone and certainly an outbreak popped up well that's why we've got two and a half weeks Delhi and we haven't made our decision we can cancel if we want we can to completely restructure our on our our itinerary but my loyalty is to Italy and I also just because of my journalistic instincts I would like to kind of go there and because I have so many friends who are low let me I think it would be very very interest let me make a suggestion yes Christians we have trump who's in his seventies Bloomberg obviously late seventies these are moguls right he's been off the radar screen in Italy he was the prime minister he owned all the media he own Milan AC remember that could still see the number one soccer team for decades yeah Berlusconi of yeah quite the ladies man you love and remember when he's very dear friend from Libya Moammar Qaddafi would come on I got today with his fifty concubines who served as his private security they'd have tents outside of the prime minister's mansion and they would go from tent to tent swapping the concubines well he might actually hi Gary E. il as a reporter a journalist C. with all the action that Berlusconi can give you see and you could travel the entire length of Italy one thing I love it you have any contact do you on the ball what do you do you really yeah from the line he's I mean I don't want to leave my job here I like this job and I would be an engine yeah I just you know doing reporting live from from Italy he's a sex is she's a massage personally I've known a lot of these like Bloomberg he's like trump all right young men of trying I got along very well trump we were we were buds that's true until we return to war you do know burlesque only likes the pinch but you don't have the talk no I've got no took a subject like he'd be grasping at nothing but let me tell you about Berlusconi he would look at your policy area and you got nothing to paint all now now move on one eight hundred eight four eight W. A. B. C. let's go to Rosa who's calling from Rhode Island welcome to W. B. C. across South Hey how are you hello yeah the details of the new vending they're going to really got very beautiful let me tell you I was born in Italy okay my family I just looked at him today in the US but I couldn't say Hey let me find out what's going on Adrian grown out of proportion that's what my friends that's what might have been vanishing friends are saying they said we were just walking around it's totally normal for us but I'm and my family is from eleven notify me yes you know that is and I think these people are ridiculous what they're saying there's there's stopping people from coming to Italy or whatever because okay there are cases of course but you know you can walk around with the regular flow through you know that's exactly right that's exactly right and then the predominant area is that area south and south lawn party so you know telling in Naples well to the maple signed a military we we we would be good with that I mean the point though is that our best friends all over France for a P. Jalen the clinician no but they're working because there did the stores are open the restaurant's menu now well again we're talking about two and a half weeks from now so we'll see what happens but I love hearing from what else I love the axle ratio you need the visit Venezia Venice dental vision Naples they don't you won't find a Chinese in Naples well it's a if it's it's a definite possibility that we will have to restructure our trip and we were in the underground economy in Naples because a lot of them off the books in there in the sweatshops but they're not traveling back and forth it's not like the taste of Marco Polo you know let travels right everyone else all of their spices can use contactless transit all of that's true well my again my heart we want to get it immigration we want to be able to be dual citizenship people because my husband's family is from there so this might be the truck may we just have to tell you Naples because I like to think positive the marble take care of that for you that let's go to E. N. in Oceanside welcome to W. A. B. C. and Hey guys I just want to forewarn Juliet husband Mike at the angle I hope your husband does you're going to go to Italy kept the virus and then you got to come back yes the changes being at going through quarantine Sunday yes he's a really going to have to get not beat shave that well you think you would have to okay and you you you you don't give us an update on that I know you sent me some kind of video I wasn't able to play it you weren't it was your husband he was taking yeah he was wearing a a red beret stole from you this was Friday night at our house at the island where we all kind of hang out and he was taking his beard and holding it and then flicking all of his little bacteria out of the camera like he's flicking his bacteria out you from his beard is what it is such a hard time playing video literally from anybody here you know that there's like I mean I play the video just fine the next morning the but you you can't I played it with video you can't play audio how do I know if I had triggered off that I don't know if I because it it was going to expire without a well that was in a give right what what you know what to give his question what is it showing up bombed with give she is you know guys by the way and now I can't tell you how many computers to give Stoke down there is W. A. B. C. eventually my call you weren't born yet that's right who are born all right let's little my real my real brothers do you remember back then I remember that well this rabbi Joseph tastic of The New York.

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