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Police in Colorado. Apparently now suspect foul play in the case of a twenty nine year old mother, Casey, Kelsey Berith. Rather hasn't been seen since thanksgiving? They've searched the home of her fiance. Patrick crazy. But he isn't talking to them. We were asking Patrick to sit down with investigators since he is the last person to talk with Kelsey face to face based on our investigation. There have been numerous questions about whether Patrick is a suspect or person of interest. At this point. We are considering every possibility and I'm not willing to jump to conclusions or label people involved in this highly complex investigation. Police chief miles to young says he believes that Kelsey is not intentionally avoiding efforts to find her a Texas mother two toddlers died after she left them in a hot car overnight sentenced to forty years in prison. Amanda Hawkins pled guilty to child endangerment for leaving your daughters ages one and two in a car in June of two thousand seventeen will visiting friends and getting high with them. Two brothers in Louisiana have been done. Indicted on charges of murder by duct tape to accused of taping up at twenty nine year old former employees of their cellphone store after they suspected him of cheating them, man. Died of fixing dealing with porch. Pirates is bad enough. Now, an Amazon worker admits he was beating the package thieves to it. A number of Amazon customers had been hurrying home to pick up packages left for them only to find the boxes empty, many of those packages were traced back to Amazon's distribution center. Near Orlando and a twenty year old employee named Elvis Soto the worker readily admitted to deputies it was he who took several gift cards worth thousands iphone cases, an apple watch band. And even I'm make up from packages to be shipped. He's now charged with grand theft in Miami Eban Brown, Fox News. Offending to the week. On Wall Street, the Dow dropping four hundred ninety six points, NASDAQ off.

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