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Alright giants fans ed. Valentine back here on. Valentine's views podcast talking with patricia trainer. Giants country in the lock done giants podcast as we preview. You're twenty twenty one giants training camp which begins officially on tuesday. Patty we've been talking about offense. Let's talk a little bit about defense and really the one the one topic that i find really interesting. Entering training camp on defense is how the edge rusher situation is going to pan out. I think the giants have so. Many options are on the edge. Do you find that to be one of the most fascinating position groups entering camp. I do you know. There's an old saying you know quant. Quality is better than quantity. The giants have quantity but do they have quality. I think they do you know. I like z's larry i think he's gonna develop into a fine every down. You know edge. Rusher for them If lorenzo carter is fully healthy and it was a good sign that we saw him during the The spring he was on his way to becoming quite a force before that injury that he suffered. Now what about the rest of the gang there. What are they gonna get from. Ellison smith who was deaf. I believe they're fourth-rounder you know is ryan anderson. Done a play a role there What about o'shane zimmer. Says who seems to be the forgotten guy. What kind of role is he gonna play. And then you have some linebackers you know cam brown and carter coughlin. Did some some edge work last year. But you know. I think carter coughlin's going back towards the to being an inside linebacker more than at edge rusher is cam brown a situational guy so you have a bunch of guys there that you know the question is do. They have a guy who's going to be productive or tune. They really need a strong three man rotation i think at that position. I don't know that they have it yet. We have to see if they do but based on what they have on paper you can make the argument that they do but you know what they have on paper versus with they have on the field two very different things so definitely something to keep an eye on and you know the other thing on defense that i'm really interested in is how the how the secondary shakes out just in terms of how patrick graham uses all of the pieces that that they have have competition in the slot. You between darnay homes and rookie. Third round pick aaron robinson. Plus you have several other defensive backs capable of playing in the slot. You've got lots of competition for for backup spots in the defensive secondary. You've got xavier mckinney heading into his second year hopefully his first full season first healthy season. Is there any any position battle. Anything in this secondary that that really intrigues. You enter camp. Just how many different combinations can patrick graham. Come up with. i mean. This is kind of like a rubik's cube in a away except Instead of trying to solve get all the you know the colored squares to match on each side of the cube. There's so many different combinations that he can put together you know. Is he going to put a for. Example xavier mckinney in the slot on third downs whereas aaron robinson gonna fit in. Is he going to be the star linebacker. Is he gonna take over the slot. So there's a lot of questions but there's also a lot of different combinations that i think pacha gram. He's you know if i'm patrick graham. I'm probably sitting there. And i can't wait to run through some of these combinations and see what works what doesn't work and then figure out when i'm going to deploy them in certain game situations and there. There's a lot i mean. There's probably once that we probably haven't even thought of the patrick graham on his long list of you know personnel. Pack is probably has come up with a few new and creative ways to deploy those guys if we know grand patty. He'll he'll he'll come up with a few more of those tuesday morning. Sure he's probably know. Hey interesting things about the giants last season. Patty was that they struggled in some areas on special teams. Graham gano had a tremendous year as placekicker but the giants didn't get a whole lot from their return game canaries..

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