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But i'm also looking forward to seeing how they're going to recognize and get the underlying tones a little bit more out there so that people will be able to associate more with what's going on the mcu. Because i have a feeling. And i'm seeing out. Their response is that people are watching. Something that's pertinent to the mc. So before we head on out. I wanted to go ahead and ask you this. What are you most excited for with wanda vision excited for for the nostalgia part of it or you excited about more lead ins to a larger universe. That's out there and what it ties into. It's hard for either good or for the bat when it comes to the mc. I'm excited to see the why all of this is happening. Because my theory. I don't think wanda is this to herself. I think someone is doing this to wanda. So i'm excited to see why and we know that this series is going to lead into doctor strange too so i'm excited to see how that happens and how wanted is at the end of this series and i'm really excited to see the tie ins to the rest of the mcu as a my my dear as a once again. It's my beautiful daughter ellen. Glaus for hopefully you'll be seeing her on future episodes talking more great episodes of lon division. You know you're always welcome here. You always have been. And i truly appreciate every single bit of support that you've given a pop culture cosmos over the years. Hopefully i will see you next week. I hope so for some seventies on division. We're gonna be going into my decades that i'm more familiar with that. I wasn't alive for. So how does that make you feel. We're going to get into places that even your dad might know. It's all i have to say. She is a resident. Mcu expert is element glasfurd. So i hope you will beginning her on for more episodes on the show but again element. I want to go ahead and thank you so much and truly appreciate you. Stopping by and being part of the pop culture costlas. You're listening to the pop culture cosmos. Don't touch that. Dial do people still use dials. And certainly not to be outdone with any comments on wanda vision. Because everyone is talking about wanda vision right now out there and social media all over the place everybody seems to be talking about wanda vision and here to put his two cents in on the first two episodes of one division is my good friend. You gotta check out what he's done today at honey queen on facebook. It is no ian. Fine noah i love this series. I couldn't tell here's the thing. 'cause i grew up on get night and there were a lot of of the fifties assistance shows that in the eighties would appear are fox new york in the early morning or afternoon on weekdays so i had been which tonight dream of jeannie gauguin's island i love lucy and then when they moved over to nick at night and the tv land channel so one division. I think pays a nice little managed to this but the problem is really had at least watch civil war to understand the relationship between vision and wanda ultra. Yeah because that's where the urge adduced but it was civil war. We saw the relationship between vision of wanda and then how a carried over infinity war the worse implied holes because they really didn't know if the civil war what they were doing and then all of a sudden if any war there are couple because as they were in the cops for a while but i kind of have my own theory on. This is that after she lost vision and she almost took apart thanos in endgame that she is either in this pocket universe she created so i do like the fact that the first two episodes do feel like bewitched in any given.

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