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Ninety days we don't even be halfway through baseball season it's it's about waiting about keeping anybody from anything it just but they can do it now well again all these that that activists job just it's one of them they know what they can get away with there was recently hearing happened the day before the second banned most to going to affect all of that is for the show so that the liberal media would of course grab that but on and keep running and their part of it and that is to hold the water for these activist judges from associated press the white house in top house republicans acknowledge us today they would make changes to the health care legislation in hopes of nailing down votes and the pushing the party showpiece legislation through the chamber soon paul ryan house speaker declined to commit to bring in the measure to the house or next week are fresh indication of on certainty republican leaders have repeatedly said that their schedule the bet that was or schedule but opposition mushrooms up rate congressional report concluded this week but the measure which from twenty four million people of their coverage in a decade by the way i got i got to but i just saw the have like every this whole article the analysis that said by the way repeal if you repeal the completely you would have pure people lose her health care i just repeal that but not fame.

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