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Taxes. A recycled peace offer ends 10 31 20. Back her kid at Ice Arena for the second game this weekend, Serious between Air Force and Robert Morris 30 minutes before that will be on the air with the USA, a pregame show. Ready to go. They cross sticks of center ice puck down and we are underway with the second period of play Falcons. And a collision between Harper and Cramer. Right in front of the penalty box is as Kramer got there first and dumped it into the air Force end. They stopped play because both players were down on the ice. Slow to get up. Think Max Harper got the worst of that collision, but Mike also got a pin out of place, so we will have a face off. Just outside of the Air Force Blue line, and Kramer comes up with that puck for Bobby mode. His pass intercepted by Air Force comes right back to him, Joan Has picked off there by Maraj is he'll skate in with the pot? And I think that one got involved with an Air Force player leaning over the Air Force bench. So both teams are gonna line change. The Falcons will send out that top line will gather Nate Horn Willie rhyme and this will be Horn on the dot once again, so 18 seconds. We've already had three face off in this period. There's another one leads to a shot by Air Force right down the slot. Running one from there. Will Gavin, Miss. Wide left played off the back wall dumped out to center ice. By Robert Morris TRACK Down by Luke Robinson. Finds in a man and a long past have got through traffic it senator eyes came in on net knocked away by Noah West picked up behind the colonial net. Intercepted there by air Force. This is Gavin, who has it for the Falcons. Gavin more weight. Drifts along the goal line gets it back behind the net to really rhyme. Ryan comes off the goal line with it comes into the circle still has the pop turns and fires one down the slot. We directed Outfront, Gavin Redirects, but it missed wide and we have a penalty called on Robert Morris, another shot by Air Force, this one from high in the slot that was taken by Robinson kicked away and touch up. By the Colonial stops play just a shilling on along. Change. Got to the Air Force bench? Yeah. First penalty of the game is going to go against Robert Morris. It's gonna be a holding call. It was Will Gavin that drew that penalty? Gavin was down in front of the net. He got held. On the plane going into the box. It will be looks like Brian Kramer Kramer Kramer goes to the box two minutes for holding Air Force on the power Play one for 10 on the season for the Falcons Power play goal scored by Willie Rhyme Air Force to win the tap. They work it to the other side for a one timer. By Jake 11 PAD save made by Noah West on the rebound cleared By the Colonials. Falcons retreat retrieve and they'll move in here on the man advantage. The USA a power play from left to right, bringing it in his power battery goes in behind the net comes out near side feeds 11 at the point back to bow around the half wall form of the pot gets away from him tried to chase a gallon into the corner collision in the corner, and they were whacking and hacking down there as a goalie West watches over his left shoulder part comes loose colonials, have it and cleared Up the ice. Shilling will play it for Air Force. Brought.

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