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Such a way to condemn christians and get them to believe that they're not christians and call into question their faith and he's doing it in such a way where people who hear that sermon. I remember the first time. I heard that there was this sense of am. I truly a believer. Because he's using the law the future civil law to to garner holiness and this. I know this is so nuanced. And we're going to get into this later. We can't do this now. Which is kind of the purpose of the sr podcast separate from honor to kind of go into things a little bit deeper. But you can never use the. I use the law to encourage holiness and christians because it will only condemn them crush them and push them away from christ correct so i think just some clarifying comments at least from my perspective on this. I do think. I mean. I know in my own church. I preach the first use of the law to the saints pretty much every week but i do it in this way i am reminding us of our utter inability to keep the law and to do everything that god requires at that we might a new be reminded and be driven to christ and cast ourselves completely upon him even preaching. I use the law. It's more like guys remit like lest we get it confused. We can not do this right. And trust christ so that that is a i use of the law since but it is still not done with this kind of condemnatory edge to it That is often taking place like for example. You mentioned that. That sermon from paul washer from the other thing is whenever we talk about the third use of the law. The law for the christian cannot condemn. Can't nope and so our tone ought not be condemnatory as we are talking to people about how they ought to live. And we've made this observation before that a lotta times. The third use of the law to guide the christian is preached like. It's the first use which is to condemn and crush those outside of jesus who trusting in themselves and it it really is harmful because what you end up doing effectively as his unsettling every saint who is thoughtful and who has a tender conscience thinking. I've not really done. What god requires. That's right i mean. Two examples of the uses of the law that we use all the time. when would be seasons. Foro paul says info for those of you. That have been chosen. Walk in a manner worthy of which you've been called with meekness gentleness long suffering that those are commands yes. They are in relation to the nature of christ and the you should obey them. But they're not condemnatory right. He even says Peterson second peter. One nine he lists all these things that are godly obedience and he says. If you're not doing these things you have forgotten that you've been cleanse from your former since he's not condemning the believer because there is no condemnation for those who are in christ jesus but he is saying you're in. You're not a very effective christian. The to condemn a christian by using the law.

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