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Dig it's again is just silly probably go with the general farm are probably just god only knows unless he specis specifically donated it somewhere like trump did right the younger take my salary nobody give it to a charity able to take my salary and were to give it to uh you know what i'm going to take my salary and i'm going to give it to all the dreamers so that they could go to college i'm gonna take my salary by like he said of the sanctuary state i would a treat them like they're my own family will fine supporter him there's only five thousand bows kids joy i have no problem for that as long as the money good hugh but he's taken the money is not donating entities deepen it as he should mix in brick on new jersey wanna walk point five neck how's it going now aurea how are you i'm good i'm playing so um yeah because this whole thing of all you know he's taken the monti and a lot of people are really upset about that i don't understand it you know i think comes back to like if you look if you talk to a bunch of people nowadays you know there's the whole uh people are getting tax cuts and you know a lot of people are upset about that and you know they say oh well you know the millionaires are greedy i i think it's more greasy say he's that you know i should be the telling you what you should do what your money if uh bill murphy know i'm gonna say i'm i don't like them already let's take the money that's his liberty hey compared to do the job yeah that's the thing is so silly about it why would anybody care you know what maybe you could say he's not worth here's asured take it as what the job pace exactly exactly like you know this isn't as donald trump thing boy donald trump he's donating who saw it won't that's you know that's great that's good for him you know he has really you know he's a very wealthy person she's allowed to do that well herpes you don't even more money we know what but trump is you see keep in mind he's donating that means he's taking the.

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