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The houston chronicle german. How are you sir. I'm here reporting for duty number. Where on the border. I have to be in the next four or five days. I liked that. You always say that you're doing well but your answer always starts with a cy young. I'm here. I'm going to say this on the front end instead of the back in this time. If you love this show. You should be a subscriber on apple. Podcasts google podcasts. However listen to podcasts. Give us the best rating that you possibly can five stars. Don't do anything you know what your mom always said. If we can't say anything nice don't say anything at all. Believe me in our reviews that is not the rule people adhere to. But it's it's okay whatever. let's start with president trump. he's coming to texas right and just like when the democrats were running against each other for president The democrats now are doing what. I'm calling counter programming With trump coming here when he or is it Wednesday yeah. he'll be higher. Wednesday morning with that greg abbott right. At abbots request trump had said that Abbott invited him to the border to check out. What's going on there now and abbott and trumper saying that now. That biden is president The whole thing is a disaster down there. Even though when trump was in office there was no wall built at least not much additional while built but abbott and trump said at that time. The border was in good shape so now we need to build a wall and abbott is setting aside two hundred and fifty million dollars in your tax dollars to build it so democrats on the way Vice-president harris who previously had left did sort of openness to whether she was coming to the border. She said that she would but they didn't have a strict timetable or anything and also the first lady is coming down right. Yep yeah we have Jill biden and doug emhoff's Come harrison's husband will both be in houston on tuesday again a day before that..

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