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Thirty one degrees and still snowing in Boston at eight thirty good morning I'm double Lawler and here's what's happening whether you're driving walking or taking the T. it's a challenge getting around this morning the snow however should start to taper off by early this afternoon but not before another two to four inches on top of what we got yesterday yes it storm center time the WBZ storm center is brought to you by my free insurance and the Toyota Prius with electric all wheel drive and our coverage begins with accu weather meteorologist dean devore dean still a rough few hours ahead yeah I I think the next few hours till these temperatures come up into the low to mid thirties and the sun is established is still gonna be icy I'm looking at right all right now the back edge of the snow and there's still some heavier snow showers around Worcester in Norwich Connecticut but Providence up through Boston still seeing some light to moderate even some heavy little pockets of snow in this going to continue as you said that right about lunch time and then it should start to taper off as we get in the afternoon but another few inches of snow in an icy spots will be the big story later tonight into tomorrow morning again will keep you up to a minute by minute W. B. C. bosses newsradio WBZ's Chris fama has been navigating the tricky road south of Boston for the last five hours or so and he joins us live with another update good morning Chris good morning dad but actually pulled over for a moment and I'm now parked in a lot add hang em harbor last update I was telling Jeff and our audience quick side by by the way thanks for listening when I was telling everybody about the wind and its impact here in the towns are travel during the south shore Hanover nor well go has it now and so to prove my point I'm just gonna roll my window down here for a second he gusts of fifty sixty miles per hour just whipping everything around snow old leaves there's a small rectangular brown metal no swimming sign just a few feet from me one of those it's on a steel perforated posts and boy of the bolts that fasten that sign in getting a workout today it's just stepping back and forth with each customer add to that the visibility that's near.

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