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To join the conversation kohl we find seven five six that's three five seven fifty eight sixty year now here's a dembosky welcome back to the image by eco also known as the thunder dome i gotta tell you justin i thought i was doing a quick to segment as shp you'll on the tell keating three percent sewer tax thing and i did not know i got in the middle of the tell keeping the feud honestly while which know we're really really throws me burly is this do you wish bag out there in two jackie now yes joe i just called uds bag you can put down on a nope had this guy out there in taukina he called in any talking smag to you and turns around in these like sweet as pie to me in the first leg man you know here's here's the thing i think it's fair for people before or against attacks and that's cool whatever everybody has their own spin but literally you have this guy from the east coast that's been in turkey no like two years maybe that he sets up a pot shot near near school and let's be honest this they're spied there they're whirl rules their rules for development didn't allow will potshot until kuwol key changed the rules for a spot in allowed this patched up right next to the school while rate so is there any surprise that this guy's defending call ky let's be honest yeah i mean i think rentals a nice enough guy i'm not saying whatever by but here's the thing you would never had as patch up where he had it if those rules hadn't been changed and there's no better way to take off alaskans then come here from another state and start telling us to pay taxes and tell us what to do the same issue with a little editor i recall well here's the thing too would be honest go to a small town in started stuff with your neighbours it's too soon mm all of a town let's just let's have an honest are open debate and dialogue man this kid i i don't think he's too far out of puberty i think he needs to like chill all right let's go to the bones and chris is on the phone hey chris amy oh watson the you're meeting kabila on facebook live was pretty good oh my were really thank you for dinner johnson.

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