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That about him. It's fascinating a digital Barrett authors psychologist who teaches at Harvard Medical School her latest book, Pandemic Dreams Deirdre Dr Barrett. Thank you so much. It was fun to be here and. As House races across the country. Heat up looking at them each week on here now in for this week's district profile, we turn to New Mexico's second congressional district Democratic Congresswoman. Social Torres small faces a challenge from former state representative Republican Yvette Herrell. It's a rematch from twenty eighteen. Joining us now is Joe Monahan. Who writes the blog New Mexico politics with Joe Monahan Joe Welcome thanks for having me well. A Torres small is only the Second Democrat to represent this district in decades. Can you tell us more first of all just about the district? The district is huge. It's one of the largest congressional districts in America and extends basically completely south, and West and east, from Albuquerque, which is basically in the center of the state, is largely rural district. Except for Dona Ana County, which has the city of Las Crisis, which is the center of Progressive Politics in the district, and where Torres small comes from, but the rest of the district leans conservative and often Republicans so it makes for a very interesting up well, and let's start with the incumbent Torres. Small here is recent ad from her campaign. WATER IS LIFE It's the new. Mexico way. I'm so chill Torres Small I've spent my career working with new, Mexico farmers and ranchers, protecting water and the water rights they depend on like federal drought, Legislation and funding for new conservation methods. Okay so she is playing up the environmental points in that ad, but there are ads coming in from outside groups against her including the conservative American Action Network, which says that she voted to impeach. The president hasn't fixed. The opioid crisis secured the border. Give us a sense of her candidacy. I think that spot kind of sums it up. That spot is about water, which is about as noncontroversial really as you can get at least the way she phrases it. This is really going to be embrace where the Republicans are going to try to get those hot button issues. You've mentioned to the front. If trump cannot perform well in the southern district, the odds will favor the tour small re-election. Heroin dependent upon how the president does and has been painting very closely to him. She knows her. Fortunes are directly tied to trump's. Basically. That's the race in a nutshell. Well and let's listen to one of her. As this is Yvette, Herrell the Republican,.

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