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Area the pit outside of the where tons of fans come down i'm sure you've seen it and are watching the game on the big screen on the side of the arena it's a party and be cancel in game one because the weather was insane it was like freezing rain in toronto on the weekend and it was like pretty dangerous to be out there canada's center the roof was leaking at the kennedy center ice fell off the tower and punctured a hole in the skydome wow a baseball game was canceled yesterday because of it in this guy crazy rogers centre whatever you wanna call it guys the video of two guys up on top of the skydome fixing it in like crazy weather is it some dead serious knew exactly don't walk luckily scary so it'll be what it'll be park parkas agrees tonight two degrees celsius don't freak out americans thirty four degrees fahrenheit now that's not warm mole no i wouldn't consider that it'll feel colder than that too that's the classic it'll be too feel like minus what's your real feel nordahl right raptors never gone up to a series on one game one right was in physics completes ice yeah they kept changing exchanging wind grange wrote the raptors never win series they survive and that is the truth and they need that's why they need to go and win this series better and i just wonder about the wizard sense of urgency the clips you know obviously reading into that a little bit but that's who they are as trae mentioned they think are a little bit better than they are so they will fight back though bill punch back and there is some respect on that i'm not saying they all disrespect but hey the raptors are fifty nine when team for a reason i don't know elsie i like this new wrinkle to say what here in the playoffs obviously lots of some lifts out there sentiment starters at nba dot com can we get a good question from lawrence chung says which team do you think will be most likely to give up if they go down oh two he says i think it's washington they're going to employ to down to yep already that the ready to fold i don't think there's a better option out there the other fifteen teams know the blazers still got that belief they haven't had enough playoff sadness firs i feel bad for but they're not gonna die the wounds the wu's went rollover on they'll do fight okay but yes especially having a playoff game in minnesota for the first time ever when they finally get the game three yeah good point great stuff tb tweets coming starters let's step on the beach real quick.

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