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And then i counter but because i'm hesitant to hang up on you i keep you on the radio right so you continue to blather the even though you've already major point and then you get it and then you get redone it like everyone does you start to circle back and say the exact same things over and over and now it's to 17 and i've had you on the air for fifteen minutes right but i can hang up on you because some dildo from new york is very said that about people getting hung up on so i think to myself man i sure would like to go go to break right now but this failed od'd charlie from new york gets mad when i hang up up people so i gotta keep him on three hours and fifteen minutes later charlie it's five five i've taken no breaks i've taking your phone call because i can hang up ladja so the tires showed none of the bills get paid five caller stay on hold the entire time all because i can't hang up on you because some dildo they charlie from new york gets upset over such things do you see why hang up on people charlie thank you for that explanation i fully understanding and i'm going to continue to this others beketov thank you buddy i appreciate your understanding mike franceso not hang up on people he falls asleep todd and j not hang up on people mike francisca liquids as a little baluch visible the delivered a little little too little therapies occurred to deliver them they could make a look of course of the rousseau that guy's awful is who princess so i don't know how people listen to that how could you listen to that boring fat disgustingly boring man blather renewable little delivered the new gerardy that they give you believe you'll blue bull above blue hug refer does little cu group little'soul boohbooh they'll do laudable also global full you'll love the global i don't care petard ceremony fall asleep on the air it's time to go bad side bad side i like the christopher rousseau though because he's got energy you had mike in the mad dog you know who was mike lacoss mike moore legal liability now dog is odd heads he's like these guys are whether you pick apart what to do it i don't know.

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