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We'll start to clear off overnight. Rain moves out low middle thirties up near sixty for tomorrow. Same thing for Sunday and lots of sunshine for this weekend. Now, it's forty seven. Six forty one and the Mercedes Benz plano news center. Good Friday evening. I'm chris. Sorry. Mckinney will host the NC double A's division. Two football championship this weekend. KRLD's Allen scion says the game is bringing sows ends of people to town mckinney's expecting visitors from Valdosta state university in Georgia and ferris state in Michigan to spend about two hundred forty five thousand dollars this weekend. Having something be this big deal for us. I mean, he's visibility for us to McKinney convention and visitors bureaus Beth Shumate says players been meeting with students in kids made cards for players from both schools and help pep rallies. For them the team members were given them high five fifth bumps and really treating them like celebrity McKinney. ISD opened the seventy million dollar twelve thousand seat stadium earlier this year, Allen, scion NewsRadio ten eighty KRLD man during the first weekend in January. The FCS college football championship game will be played at Toyota. Stadium in Frisco as it has for the last few years three million Texans affected directly from diabetes. And the reason may surprise you. Dr John Landis is with San Antonio sake. Luke's hospital. He says some groups are more likely to get it about fifteen fourteen percent of the population states that are heavy in Hispanic population can have worsening numbers also native American population appears to have a higher incidence of diabetes. He says Asia's also reporting an increase in cases, and it's not obesity, but rather smoking, and that's leading to an increase in the number of reported cases, worldwide KRLD's, Jim Foreside. Facebook says it accident expose the private photos of millions without their permission. The company says a bug allowed third party app, developers to see photos users uploaded to Facebook, but did not post to their profile net. Reporter Alfred says there are ways to limit the information available to those third. Third party developers. You can actually turn off their party access on Facebook in your privacy settings. You can look at all the apps that you've had in the past that you've allowed access to Facebook and basically deny access to that. You can also do the same for your goodwill willing your Twitter account. Facebook says the bug effect at about six point eight million users a Green Bay fan will not get to show his team spirit at Soldier Field. In chicago. A federal judges turned down the request of Green Bay Packers fan Russell Beckmann to wear green and gold on the sidelines of Soldier Field. Home to the rival Chicago Bears Beckmann wanted an injunction to wear Packers attire during pregame warmups before his lawsuit is decided he has bear season tickets and that qualifies him to stand on the sidelines. And he argues the bears rule barring fans from wearing opposing team gear on the sidelines. Violates his free speech. The two teams face off on Sunday. Pam Coulter, CBS news. It's got to be an important piece. Missing for the Cowboys this weekend. More after we update. Traffic and weather six forty four your trusted source for news, traffic, and weather.

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