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This is back that what's up back to backers this is willie joy welcome to the show this is back to back this is my podcast happy to have you guys here how we feel today i hope everyone's doing our right kind of a crazy week one in a string of lots of crazy weeks we've been having you know it's just a weird time it's a weird time to be an american weird time to be living in this country you know all these mass shootings are on my mind and the mentally deranged guy in the white house is is not helping things any just a strange time but i'm really glad we're all here together celebrating the music that we love and on that note my guest on the show today is dr p a legend of the dub step world coming from the uk a different country different perspective and i didn't know what to expect going into this conversation we had never met before and i was really surprised and blown away at how much i enjoyed it such an interesting guy so much cool stuff to talk about we're gonna get into that in just a second here before we do i wanna make sure that everyone is checking out the new spotify playlist for this show backed bangers the link is in the description of this episode and you can go there and hear all the music that we talk about each week on the show so if we mentioned a song and it doesn't sound familiar to you you don't know what that is you just go to the spotify playlist check it out i'm going to throw all that music in their music for myself from the guest just related things to what we're talking about each week i really want to build this whole world that we can all kind of run around in and the playlist is a big part of that so go check it out i'm stoked on it it's a really cool way to learn more about all the music you're about to hear about and don't forget to subscribe to the show don't forget to leave us a rating and.

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