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Lingering calf injury the goal for practice again on Wednesday and Thursday morning before taking Friday off I'm Kevin Bowen for ninety three W. ABC and I'm John here wreck on the level on the go and on Twitter at ninety three W. I. B. C. and W. I. B. C. dot com eight oh five traffic on the fives Matt bear Johnson about sixty five on the northwest side slowing up it won't be a rodeo the MLK and also on the northwest side north bound for sixty five stuff to go from seventy nine all up to a sixty five on the east side north bound for sixty five slow roll before pen pike up around Alison bill road and then we have traffic because of the closure on I seventy that ends Monday southbound for sixty five on the east side tightens up before forty that we get really heavy right around sixty five U. S. thirty one Harding street all kind of a mess right now at those interchanges on west bell for sixty five eastbound lanes that doing much better from I seventy down around the Arlington Avenue just pass beech Grove there and then as southbound sixty five seventy so low right around Washington Street northbound lanes and tied for once you get up to the north but because of that crash from earlier inbound seventy pockets of slow from shade let Avenue all into the Norse what each side north bound for sixty five yeah I was slow a little bit around Lawrence right now traffic sponsored by Gerber collision glass whatever you wanted to trouble get into Gerber Gerber collision glass sixteen beating area locations with the Gerber collision dot com for more info I meant there were traffic on the five followers on Twitter at W. I. B. C. traffic Randy Allah's wish TV meteorologist what's going on day outside today you're gorgeous sunshine and low humidity it doesn't get better than this year for the last day of July highs.

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