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Of which is what the likes of the other leaders think of leo varadkar if you see emmanuel macron has come across this quarter impatient in all this he's the one who's pushing in the UK you know there are there's the ah off the long and complicated history but there are no non didn't vote for brexit because he knew that in the referendum this would open up oh can of worms and twenty years after good friday agreement things had finally kinda settled a new generation had grown up without those troubles without that kind of conflict and this is taken them so far back but also brexit it's not the you know this is a real soul searching in orland in northern ireland as well they fourteen scottish referendum led to a lot of soul searching about unionism this has been another big thing of thinking about it and you know whether they were at one point be a border poll whether it'd be reintegrated the motives behind everyone was ireland being so strong because they thought it was a chance to reunify is incredibly complicated issue that i think british polls positions have really struggled with its exposed at the highest ranks of our government a lack of understanding of the situation the tensions the people we had northern ireland secretary who was stupid enough to actually say taking the job i didn't know that republicans voted one way and unionist voted another away you know it's shown a real complacency in british treatment of northern ireland listening to medicals house view joining me today vincent massey vinnie his UK correspondent for your needs and florence biedermann his london bureau chief for press now scaling -versity of turkey's military action against take care based in northeast syria has taken everybody by surprise even donald trump who's withdrawal of american troops on the region acting as a green light to the turkish oraon now seems to have had second thoughts and the EU has reacted with the threat of sanctions so who can now become the world's police man floor yes we have this desperate situation don't whether withdrawal of fifty US soldiers from northeastern syria led to absolute k. as being metered upon towns and villages yeah but i think it's not a complete surprise because a few months ago airborne had already said we would like to add sir securities on at the border and it's a constant in in turkish politics i mean since the kids like i've been busy in hong kong bureau chief for a remember the chris story i wrote twenty years ago was turkey threatening syria to bomb syria or if they don't do nothing to rain in the kurdish fighters so this has been a constant this applies to the the border with iraq because from iraq and syria were always group of kurdish fighters that would let's say a turkey which is not the case now but i mean this has been a constant that they feel the troops also had this kind of obsidian complex like the they are surrounded by enemies it's very important for them like to feel that they can have the security of borders on again also in iraq but especially in syria now so i mean it's not something new now the the real problem for for the you're or for trump is that you have to allies in the area like me turkey which has been a nato ally and pretty stable one on one side since decades on the other side like groups of kurdish fighters we've been supporting the western forces against is yeah so what do you do when you allies are fighting each other i mean but in the n. which one is the more important the most stable the more poor for i mean so whatever the game is yes that we'd be threat of sanction there may be some sanction indian if you look in the long term strategy i mean you can conclude that well turkey will go on and yes obviously everybody would try murdering their attacks but but what can they do we have the wider issues don't we that we can no longer rely upon the united states even say the same thing in the space of twenty four hours i mean we had donald trump withdrawing the troops in northeastern syria and then already we have the defense secretary mark asper warning serious consequences and there have been warnings of economic sanctions from the US to completely different messages i think in this scenario you have to oily separate donald trump and his twitter account with the rest of the american government i think it really is you know he blindsided them with this there was no discussion of this he was worried he watched the sunday shows impeachment was not going away so many stories have faded in his time this was getting bigger and wider an enveloping more people we've seen that this week he's starting to throw rudy guiliani guiliani under the bus as well he is pure distraction it is dead cat strategies have you throw a dead cat on the table no matter what you're talking about you suddenly go to talk about this dead cat that is you know a political strategy that lynton crosby famous in the UK has been using for a couple of years but donald trump is trying to distract from that impeachment and he's always concerned about his own hustle he wants a trump tower in assemble that's it he likes strong man and gone and he thinks he can get at trump tower that is it so he'll do what they're gonna say is completely blown down and convinced him to do this there is a strategy about protecting the cast he doesn't even understand the kurds are you know he falsely said this week will then other allies they went with us at normandy which is the most flippant thing ever in world war two as well so they no longer but also there was bands of kurdish fighters fighting in the second world war under britain as well so it's just historically wrong and he has no concern his tweet that he you have to remember everything for him as a reality show plotline you know he is a kadarshian president didn't and say what he thought was this guy was saying oh yeah you know just let us go back in maybe help you with your tower probably in a coded way and then he oh he's talked about this week is he's got two of the remaining members of the so-called beatles that kind of group that did all the videos of beheadings he were ever to citizens who were being stripped to their british citizenship isn so you go thousands of isis fighters always done as pluck out those two to take them to create some kind of moment in the next couple of weeks where he's going to say i'm bringing the justice against these guys who murdered US journalist james foley you know he's not caring as he is he's not carrying it going to be thousands of isis fighters that can suddenly get into europe kurds can no longer protect those prisons because they've got fight turkey and he you know he's he's just like well they're not coming is statements this week they're not coming here you know that's for europe to deal with you know this is it is in america and it's amazing that lindsey graham the congressman from south carolina who has been a staunch defender of trump really flayed himself for trump this cross the line even with him and he's been one of the most vociferous attackers and we'll see whether kind of congress this could be the moment where even they decide it's not worth picking up this guy mitt romney strongly came out and chastised the president and we'll see if many of them now decide with impeachment creeping up even a fox news poll this week said fifty one percent now impeachment and removal if that number keeps creeping up on me i don't think we'll see stronger action by congress to put real sanctions and try to stop turkey that's the that's america's internal issues that it has as a result but in the mean sometime we have the european union arguably the only body that can properly stand up toward on at the moment because we we have the threat of him sending millions of agee's your way i think those those is description at france has now decided to consider imposing sanctions against turkey but how much influence can the e u the house i think known now why because i mean you have these ambiguous towards turkey for years and years we would like you to be part of the club but then there was so much reluctance they played this game for the kids and now turkey really abandon the idea of completely so then yes they can impose some sanctions i think already netherlands said they wouldn't send them weapons which i'm not sure it's the be used source of weapons for turkey anyway so you can have the again that that kind of reaction but indian i mean the priority for the one would be richard the country and he won't he won't change anything in what he's doing pretty convinced like maybe he will sort on the offensive one or two as i don't know i mean but as long as the turkish army won't consider the reach their goal they won't change the action why would they i mean they had kind of okay was the win and maybe i should be more careful in the way i tweet and talk but in the end the reality is like there is this yes we've got a few minutes to go through the newspapers what does everybody found this morning yesterday it'll full of vodka who's who's the poster boy borough about jeremy corbyn because john macdonald who's affected deputy gave an interview yesterday finally enough to alistair campbell former labor spin doctor in which he said if they lose generally for many people will give them less incentive to vote labour in this election probably vote lib dem because they don't want jeremy corbyn to carry on after losing another election he's already been through one that he when you have such a fractured political system it's incredibly difficult to get anything done yes michael said well this.

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