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Yeah yeah yeah and it's just it's just amazing so so that's something that i do and then again as as we talked about like play you know i love pranking people like that makes me because i so i love i love that i love like nature like mother nature i i've hired some really amazing coaches and euros in in the past but no one has taught me as much as mother nature has you know her ability to be patient to be abundant to be supportive to be whatever and so like the vibration of mother nature is like what i want to be like sounds weird by you know that feeling like i got onto the ocean and i'm like oh my god this is like it just automatically makes you feel amazing right and so so yeah it's like i learned i learned one of my greatest lessons from from other nature suspending as much time in nature as possible like giving now we're out in palm desert right now and it just like i just sat you know on the whatever the couch out there and i just looked up to the mountains like oh my god some so mazing right i'm just like being around like quiet nature it's god's super fulfilling for me and and giving a love i love i love that you know like and that doesn't always i mean money you know it doesn't always mean money it could mean like i love sending balloons to people that i don't know like we have we so when people have my new address i can't wait i can't wait for these balloon people fill out their dress like when they apply for the society there should vacation program they they put their dress in there and i said people balloons non sleaze.

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