President Trump, New Yorker, Aaron Mckie discussed on Delaware News at noon with Allan Loudell


Presidency i mean that may will be all president want to have people in their met with whom their comfortable and clearly i mean he's known scaramucci along timing they're coming well with each other and there's some funny nydia killing company care moohyuk sidebyside making the same kind of hinge gestures in the team kind of braggadocios comment people were calling mood mini me and that actually with part of moved mookie downfall that he had worked into the public eye so wildly with that that his comments by elizabeth the new yorker and comfortable mike it when people shadow him for that that actually hurt aaron mckie not the content content themselves but the the idea could thing if trump what do you make of the story of the president directing his son what to say about russia i think that uh troubling it could get an attempt to cover up but i don't know legal they tried you don't know that trump could put him in legal troubled but i don't know that trump even think in those terms and he he's trying to make the rest of thing go away and uh you know one who could over time he realizes that his action do matter and that he can't he really does have few b b a third of not opened necessarily but he just can't do stuff like that lifted put it that way okay well i should say oh you're back from north of the border rove nice little tribute of your family and in quebec it it probably was a little strange being in frenchspeaking canada there and you could stay away from all trump all the time although of course she got on the canadian news that curious to hear but i i have.

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