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Idea how popular the task force is A. B. C. news correspondent enter Debord is with us once again this morning from Washington DC morning Andrew good morning and yeah that was president trump yesterday from the oval office though he did say at a certain point we will need the task force anymore but now instead of doing away with the group like you alluded to a couple days ago the president now says he'll actually be adding two or three additional members to the coronavirus task force he said he got calls from very respected people who said it needs to keep going do we know who those people are here's who's getting advice from a specifically by name but also the president says you're not only is he not doing away with the group you've got to add those two or three additional members but we can tell you is that those two to three additional members from the task force the president suggested he will bring people whose expertise is on re opening the country now has a name those people just yet if they would come from the private sector or the B. as economic advisers but these two or three additional members he's going to be adding to the task force seem to have it will have been a background in the economy and re opening the country will be their emphasis do we know if the doctors thought she and Berks are going to remain on the task force there's no indication that they wouldn't be on the task force anymore now the president did say there may be one or two people that will be the last involved on the task force but he didn't offer any further details as far as we know Dr Burki Dr Fauci are to remain on the president's task force Andrew thanks for the updates this morning ABC's enter Debord with us from Washington DC a new poll shows more than seven out of ten Americans trust their governors more than president trump on reopening the economy the Financial Times Peterson foundation poll found seventy one percent of people surveyed say they trust their governor over trump to make the right decision on easing social distancing and restrictions on nonessential businesses the polls finding that forty eight percent believe trump's policies have helped the economy is the lowest since last November and only thirty four percent of the people say they're better off financially than they were when trump took office scientists are tracking mutations of the virus as it continues to spread around the world small differences in the virus's genome have been found researchers now trying to determine if one version of the virus is more infectious than another mutations occur to try to improve on a viruses sustainability which means that it's probably going to be more fractious and more very less than the previous well we really don't know and this is the race is on to find an effective vaccine more than a hundred vaccines are being studied worldwide at least three human trials now underway in the U. S. pharmaceutical giant Pfizer the latest two does volunteers as it tests for different versions of the vaccine virus that we knew nothing about five months ago and the fact that we already have multiple vaccines in clinical trials is really is cause for optimism some of the U. S. trials hinging on new technology that uses genetic material known as messenger RNA which if proven safe experts hope will effectively tricked the body and spark an immune system response to fight the virus A. B. C.'s Kaylee Hartung a number of states are beginning to re open from the shutdowns today in Hawaii some shopping malls will be welcoming customers again but there are exceptions and shoppers have to work masks in Montana the school in tiny willow creek will open its doors to some of its fifty six students and eighteen staff members for the past few weeks of the school year the construction and real estate industries in Michigan are going back to work as Republican legislative leaders sued the democratic governor Gretchen Whitmer they say her state of emergency extension was illegal come on it's time six twenty.

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