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Just you know she probably feels deceived and all that russia i mean i don't necessarily think they're christian irs transphobic i think she's been really nice about the whole thing clearly publicly yes ya all it's interesting so basically chris is like not paying attention publicly she's just fronting as if leg everything is fine she's been our yacht for a long time while her son who is still her son is it no matter how much she will matter how much she like b i wished she found at mcdonald's she did not now she gave birth to a believe she's just ignoring all this chris center is still living that hashtag yacht life as a son rob kardashian struggles with a restraining order and blow back from a revenge porn social media scandal fact los angeles the famous monitor seems to be living her best life in central pay with wafer ankori gamble hosting photos on instagram with drinks on hand and lounging around on a yacht labeling assassins hashtags like it's five o'clock somewhere and got vibes of her other kids were going through something of this nature i think she would not have been ignoring it i think she's publicly not mentioning anything but privately she's one hundred percent the person that gave rob bob shapiro call younger on the case i think that is like robs out at a gun here and so i think that cheese helping to clean it up the fact but i think the you know he's loss caused man near doesn't wanna do anything to help himself he feels like the world who's him something which ills like room china owes him something which she doesn't rate um has ended up yellow girl were a little earlier little dreams through q she's really q and that's the other thing too that i think is the worst.

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