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The all the trying different every day even off day every day we get new stories uh people just calling in and saying i just feel better the there was one man who back you the position from down arizona and he met with me and he told me he was he was heading to canada for a few months and he did this every year nakodar great finally out of the mosquito eat me up at all world increase your bound to maker and he was just starting it actually he hadn't even been honoured at this point uh huh he was the internal medicine special it then he said that this will help with annika short look at the chemistry and know help the apple or a healthy cruder a vegetable the help you they are the more though by the insects for example they have they have pesticide kimiko with in them naturally made the dark chemicals we add by any means and we wouldn't allow any of them in the product added to it but but the natural immune system of a of a planned or recruiter vegetable will actually it will it will the worm a way out of an apple for example if you see a thick apple tree has warming apple to give you a healthy apple tree it will have very few warmed in the apple were so this this fact the fugitive this pesticide the keep the bug away as we eat it it does the same thing for us for example natural pesticide that you're talking about the completely natural inherent within the fruit itself absolutely thousands and thousands of natural kimiko better natural and good for the plant and good for you and that killed keep those bugs and keep even parasite than those kinds of things don't help to keep those things away anyway so he's going.

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