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Updating the story. The statue depicting President Abe Lincoln and a newly freed slave that sits at Park Square in Boston will be coming down this after a unanimous vote from the Boston Our Commission. And a local artist was a catalyst that started a conversation that lead to action. Doubly busy Jim McKay reports a day It has not been said on when the statue will be taken down. But the plans were in the works. There will even be a ceremony when it takes place. Artist Tori Bullock first started a petition to have it removed and placed in a museum. He says the whole process hearing different opinions has been truly helpful to the larger discussion of what's going on in America. Right now. The city of Boston provided such a cool space for everyone to hear all perspectives and being Really, really. There was nothing that people said that swayed my position. But there was definitely things that people said that maybe hey ow that I didn't understand that people didn't see what I saw when they looked at that The statue was paid for by recently freed black Americans. However, they had no role in designing it. Now there will be new sign it at the sighted Park Square, explaining the events that took place with the statue's creation. And removal. Jim McKay W B Z Boston's news radio. If you have recently tested positive for covert 19 there is a good chance you don't know how or where you got it. Here's Nancy chant one in to Kobe, 19 patients were unable to identify a person with Corona virus with whom they recently had close contact. That's according to a telephone survey of 350 adults in and out of the hospital who tested positive for covert 19. More research is looking into how far respiratory droplets khun Travel, Canadian researchers developed a mathematical model and found depending on conditions. Droplets may travel 8 to 13 feet before they evaporate. Meanwhile, at least 35 states are now reporting an uptick in Corona virus, 45,000 new cases reported across the United States. In the last day. It's 1 33 Back to the road Traffic weather together. Kevin Brennan joins us now with the super retailers of New England. All wheel drive traffic on the threes, Kevin. All right, Lord, we're gonna take it south of town. Once again. With that expressway North bound, locked up from massive heading up into the O'Neill tunnel. We gotta disable vehicle inside the tunnel here by the ramps to Storrow Drive. South bound, You're tied up through Savin Hill and then some reduced speeds from granted avenue down to the brain tree split over on 1 28 Get reports of a car fire over by university having that Westwood stretch Route three South bound, seeing delays off the expressway most of the way down through Derby Street now and then he got some heavy rains out working its way on over towards that Pembroke and Kingston stretch. Looks pretty heavy. That's going to cause some weather related slowdowns farther down on Route three. Expect delays approaching the sacrum or bridge stays heavy over the bridge onto Route six. Eastbound right on over to workers taken out Elaine before exit foreign sandwich That's about four miles of stop and go traffic off a route three on over towards exit,.

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