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Lucky enough. The only wide receiver that I am really all in on on day two at this point is John metchie. I love Alec pierce from Cincinnati. I think that that would be a great pick also, but he's a true ex and then you have to kind of start talking about what you're doing with Devante Parker on the roster, right? If you got a guy like pierce behind him and that type of stuff, to me, I think that the one guy that I could really get behind on day two is matchy just because of the play style, the Mac Jones, obviously chemistry there and stuff like that. That one I can get with other than that. I mean, I mentioned Danny gray earlier from SMU, villas Jones, bow melt. I don't sky more. Sky more I love too bad, just don't know how are they going to get sky more? Like he's going to go straight down. Yeah, I mean, he's going to go early 30s. He's exactly the kind of guy that they need to add. Yeah, I love sky more. I think that I would love to draft sky more. But I just don't know where a sky more. How are they going to get sky more without taking him with their first pick? That's the thing. If they trade down from 21 and they get sky more act like 33, 34 or whatever they trip with the Lions and they get 30 four from Detroit. It takes time. They could also go up. If you falls a little bit, they can move up like they did with barmore. I suppose. I don't know. I don't think he's been falling much. I just don't. I think at the end of the first round, you have Green Bay. You have Kansas City. Those teams are taking wide receivers. So you're going to start to see some of these wide receivers go. If they can find a way to finagle it, they can get their hands on sky more than I'm all for it. I don't know if they'll have the optics of being able to do that. I also don't know if they would want to take a wide receiver with their top pick in the draft, right? That's the difference. Calvin Austin, no thank you. He's like 5 8. Good athlete. Obviously, but I think villa's Jones is everything that Calvin Austin is, but he's much bigger than taban Austin. So I don't know. I like Christian Watson. I've always liked Christian Watson. Like I said, I like Alec pierce. I don't know..

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