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His podcast war room pandemic actually like to go back to the old times of to england. I'd put the heads. On pikes right. I put them with the two corners of the white house as a warning to federal bureaucrats. You the get with the program or you're gone here in new york. Police arrested eighteen demonstrators during a nighttime protest against president. Trump's attempt to steal the election meanwhile in phoenix arizona supporters of trump briefly scuffled with supporters of biden outside the maricopa county elections department and other election is georgia may now be facing to run off. Senate elections in january on the outcome could decide which party controls the senate. Georgia republican senator. David perdue has fallen below the needed fifty percent to beat democrat. Jon ossoff outright at the time of this broadcast purdue is at forty nine point. Eight percent a runoff. This already set for republican georgia senator kelly leffler and reverend raphael warnock for the state's other senate seat. Meanwhile in michigan republican senate candidate challenger. John james is refusing to concede to democratic senator. Gary peters james has asked for an investigation into the vote but is presented no evidence of wrongdoing international election. Observers who monitored tuesday's votes say. They found no evidence to support president. Trump's claim the voter fraud. The organization for security and cooperation in europe delegation was headed by german lawmaker. Michael george link who said quote baseless allegations of systematic deficiencies notably by the incumbent president including election. Night harm public. Trust in democratic institutions on quote the united states recorded more than one hundred twenty thousand new corona virus cases the highest one day total of any country in the world since the pandemic began the us recorded more cases on thursday alone then either china or japan have reported in total since the pandemic began cases have hit record highs in twenty states with the largest increases in colorado maine minnesota and i o meanwhile the state of new jersey release more than two thousand prisoners thursday in an attempt to reduce the spread of covid nineteen inside new jersey state prison system and international news. Britain began a four week lockdown on thursday. Greece has announced a three-week shutdown starting on sunday in economic news. Another seven hundred fifty. One thousand people filed for unemployment last week in the united states over thirty million have sought as since the pandemic began. This comes feeding. America warns the number of people facing food insecurity in the us could rise to over fifty million this year including seventeen million children due to the pandemic and housing news. A real estate company owned in part by white house senior adviser jared kushner has submitted eviction filings and court for hundreds of tenants who are behind on rent. The washington post reports westminster management is preparing to evict the tenants soon as state and federal moratoriums evictions expire in immigration. News vice reports ice immigration and customs enforcement is attempting to deport more women who may have undergone nonconsensual invasive. Gainer logical procedures at irwin detention center in georgia. Ice has already deported several survivors and has threatened to deport others including a twenty five year old mexican. Woman named anna cocco. I don who is currently fighting or removal. She says she underwent an aggressive gynecological procedure at irwin. In february in more immigration news activists continued to demand the release of hundreds of cameroonian asylum seekers in ice custody democracy now spoke to sylvie belo founder of the cameroonian american council ahead of her freedom friday campaign a weekly day of action in solidarity with cameroonians held an ice prisons freedom. Friday was inspired. By forty cameroonian hunger. Strikers will protested anti blackness anti africanness and racism in bazana today. Some of those pine perry hunger strikers are set for deportation on tuesday. Please join us in calling the congressional black caucus to push for the release of these cameroonians four cameroon. Tps and to lift black immigrants within detention and outside of attention in central america hurricane has killed at least fifty. Seven people as the storm caused heavy rains and flooding. Most of the deaths have been in guatemala. where the associated press reports at least forty. Two people were killed. Due to mudslides. Massive floods were also reported across the atlantic coast of jurists. The san pedro sula. Where's hundreds of people were evacuated yesterday afternoon. Videos of completely flooded san pedro soula. International airport emerged on social media. At least thirteen people have died in honduras. Israeli authorities have demolished the palestinian bedouin village of care about comesa in the occupied west bank. Leaving seventy three people homeless including forty one miners. These really military came with gps and bulldozers. The orders to empty our homes. The only gave ten minutes. Obviously that isn't enough time to empty even a single tent. We didn't have time to remove everything they demolished at all of our things inside. According to the israeli human rights group at selam israel leveled eighteen and sheds that housed eleven families as well as the villages kitchens toilets livestock pens water containers and to solar panels. The demolition occurred on tuesday palestinian. Prime minister mohammad. Shtayyeh accused israel of timing. The demolition to take place when much of the world was focused on the us election. According to the united nations israel has destroyed nearly seven hundred structures in the west bank this year. Displacing about eight hundred seventy palestinians in brazil. The oldest son of right wing president jair bolsonaro has been charged with embezzlement and money laundering charges stem from flavio. Bolsonaro ios time as a congressman prior to his father's election floppy us. Now senator in brazil the imprisoned saudi activists. Jane al hathloul has begun her twelve day on hunger strike on thursday. A un committee expressed alarm over her physical and mental health and wellbeing and cold on the saudi king to release her a half. Lou was arrested in may two thousand eighteen after leading a movement to lift a ban on women drivers to overhaul the male guardianship system in saudi arabia. The state department's informed congress of plans to sell eighteen armed drones to the united arab emirates. The trump administration recently eased restrictions on exporting armed drones to allies. This comes despite a warning earlier. This year from the united nations that the world is entering a dangerous quote seconds drone age as more nations obtain armed drones that can be used for targeted killings outside of war zones and in labor news. Dairy workers in washington state won a major victory thursday when the state supreme court ruled there entitled to pay if they work more than forty hours a week for decades farm workers have been exempted from state and federal overtime laws. And those are some of the headlines this is democracy now democracy now dot org the quarantine report i may be goodman in london solace new.

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