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Dreams and your career. It's a great message for sure. Yeah. Domestic violence that any guy. But she's going to beat the crap out or she's gonna try to beat the other one. Pages. Pretty tough cookie. Yeah. I'm excited for the fight. So weird though and for orbital bone, really broke. I can't imagine you don't find a doctor my man trust me, Dr. Yeah. And plus how big that fight would be I guess, hey. I mean, come on that'd be die feces. First card I card on ESPN two main event. I know I mean, it's a it's a fun one. You don't have selling tickets. We'll remember that one time that other which was it where two women were the ones that peaked like Durant me against Pennington. Yeah. I think so who knows who knows. I'm definitely tune in bro. Same here. Get that countdown going on father girl all around her house. You can still see the bruiser is which is hard to watch watch so Tyson. This is in this article says fury calls for WBZ investigate the judge that judge. You were talking about earlier. This is his promoter wanting to write. He's gonna wants to write a letter to the w worn who's it? Here's area. Yeah. Frank worn furious promoter Frank Warren revealed that he would write to the WBZ and demand. They look at the scorn in order mentor, rematch agree between wild and fury. Fantastic. As we're we're the rematch could be held. You think both warned fury would insist on the UK? But the money to be made off American Bayview may be too strong of alert with the hometown judging in the mix and then right here on the top asus. They want that guy band. He's banned. Listen if Adele bird out of del bird lead. Adalaide Byrd didn't get suspended for life from just living than trust me homeboys fine. He's fine. He's fine. On on. This can't be right, dude. How about the I came watch boxing, more this? Why I watch you have see because the crooked has judging. Let's be clear both judging in mixed martial arts and boxing suck ass. They're not. They're not great. This one was in a travesty. This one was in a huge that one guy was way off and clearly crooked, but just bad at being crooked. But in general, this wasn't horrible. If people go this way to watch box so crooked. That's why what you've see hate to tell you the judge in UFC's Justice shitty. But here's here's the difference. It's not crooked in the UFC. That's the difference not crooked. You've see because it's so new and they're trying to figure it out there. Just shitty judges. They just don't know what they're watching. So, you know, if it goes a scorecard, it's totally up in there because they're just bad at their job in boxing. You're nervous when it goes to the judge because so goddamn crooked. You don't know who's greasing whose Palm's who knows this guy who what's the next match up because they want a certain person to win. When establishment such as box and has been around for so long just same with politics. Does. Going to be a lot of crooked shit going on. You'll see hasn't been around been around long enough. So you'll see it's just stupidity with boxing is just shady criminal crookedness big difference. Yeah. Poll suck. What else you got real cooker here that judge is all a hundred Roach in and they said that he had him. He had fury losing one fifteen one eleven in the first six rounds when you before the knockdowns, that's really really like you said if you're gonna be crooked. Gotta be good at it, dude. Yeah. See this from a mile away. What else you got? All right. This is more on the fury wilder fight. This is I don't know. There's just bothered me. When I when I saw this so ice cube talking about the decision, right? And he says, I'll just let you hear it. A huge ice cube fan. Please. Oh mine. Shit. Expose this. Out. Okay. And it was Bush..

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