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Left side used for the brutal two into the pay back behind the charles thomas now the brand davis agents guarded by man equate off a screen at as this to the left side the top three on the shock like he got a hurry as step back straight on eighteen could walk the former no good but have opted to rebound after the davison miss cleared has an outside for a threequarter that was no good by brutal put a foot within tenacity on the boards he than half with a bucket now i've always than a game you are struggling from the four you have to find other things that you can do to help her to win the great job there why have only offense aboard files bridges onlooker looks 21 seventeen michigan state on the right to go close them let side jackson squares up in the paint turns around in the one hand or ago doesn't even have his got to do a better job of not allowing the depot's position for jackson he six but eleven got a high release point on who shot that's just way too easy of a basket for him you got push him off he's a lightweight long kid mapra painted dribbles and now this is back out fought a long straight on free that was to storm off the back our by iverson and a rebound of his state fascist winced them into the front what sparked the right side of the trailer miles bridges open drops at back now wisdom wide open 3 and it's good and a timeout coal thereby greg guard you wide open fascist winston berries the ball and all of a sudden michigan state as pushed it out its largest lead a nine advantage we we talked about how wisconsin has improved defensively will of their you leave open bridges to you leave the instant who's a fifty three percent 3point shooter just a little bit of a defensive breakdown emissions faith that will make you pay the time out called by wisconsin with seventy tina go on the.

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