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He was calling in for picking him up and lifting him throwing on the ground, which is an absurdity. It happens too fast and the referees need some help on the replay front. If this is the sort of calls that we're going to get because the NFL insists on doubling down on calls like this, it turns off the fan base. I say this into this microphone to all my friends at three, forty, five. Avenue are behind this decision. The fan base gets turned off by these types of decisions real-time buy referees, and then subsequently by the league, trying to do the right thing. I understand. But fans do not want to see flags on players for playing football. When players who are flagged for these types of infractions in quotes are not making a play that is hurting the quarterback, put rules in place to protect the quarterback when it looks like they are getting hurt. Please. Fourth part, I'm gonna go grab the Honsik ready for this. Yes, this is my favorite part every single week when you get up and grabbed the plank and I appreciate every week. Part of my favorite part of four downs is how you fill the time from my chair to go really appreciate him. It does not go unnoticed team. Fourth-down I hold the rich Eisen show hot, take plank. Fourth-down Ryan, Ryan, Fitzpatrick starting all sixteen games. He's got a hot hand. Now, Sean Jackson says, you can't take the hot hand out now that is. Winston is coming back after this week three Monday night game. He is backing the building Tuesday morning, but guess who? When he gets job rarely, relinquishes it, none other than Ryan Fitzpatrick. Two. In two thousand and eight when Carson Palmer got hurt. Ryan returns in week six holds the entire gig for the rest of the year. Two thousand and nine. The cagey dick Giran put him in for a couple of days. Put him in for a couple of games for the enter. Trent Edwards Giran got bounced out Perry, fuel got in Ryan. Fitzpatrick was installed as the starter in two thousand nine. He gave up the job in two thousand thirteen. Got the job in two thousand thirteen with Tennessee and week ten. You give it up the rest of the year. Two thousand fourteen got the job in Houston. You didn't give it up till he got hurt two thousand fifteen. We own the New York Jets use the backup quarterback till Gino Smith got his face, rearranged by teammate, got the job week. One didn't give it up tap before. He has had to give it up on occasion, but more often than not when he is given the job midseason he doesn't give it up and Ryan Fitzpatrick will not give it up this year. And James Winston is going to have to deal with that and what will the bucks do. Decision time rubber meets the road on their former number one overall, pick because fits magic is here. That's my fourth down, eight, four, four, two, four, rich. Let's chat. Football season is here, and no one covers football like cast one sports net. We've got you covered on a daily basis with Dan, Patrick rich Eisen. This might be just a walk in the park RJ bells dream preview and Ross Tucker's fantasy feast podcast. They're just creating more.

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