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We had a blast doing that. We had like 15, 20 comics from all over the country. We did a month of comedy shows, political humor for a whole month back in 2004. At Jimmy tingles off Broadway theater. Anyway, it's great to be reconnected with them. He's coming to Lowell. Auditorium, this Friday night, September 16th. He'll be in Northampton on September 15th. That's this Thursday night. You got to see him. He's hilarious. Ladies and gentlemen, he's the king of rant. He's my friend soon to be your friend. He's one of the, he is the longest running contributor to Comedy Central's The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and he helped, you know, he really contributed a lot to that show. People look forward to his rants at the end of the show and it was always fun and inspiring to watch him and he gets it off his chest, folks. Please welcome to the show, the one the only my friend and your friend, mister Lewis black. Hello, Lewis. We were in Amsterdam together, too. That's right. When you were performing and I was there, I eventually was teaching there, but I came over and hung out with you guys and did a lot of it was great. Well, it's great to see you, Louis, you're coming to low auditorium. Folks, I gotta tell you, if you like politics, if you like what's going on and you want somebody to say what you've been thinking, just like this, you gotta go see Louis black at the Lowell auditorium Friday night September 17th. You will not regret it and all of us tour dates are at Lewis black dot com. So Lewis, tell me about yourself right now, how are you doing? What do you what do you think of the world? Things are just

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