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Right. Can you set up what it was like to have that happen was that sort of something you were happy about are baffled by and then how the big lebowski made? You look at that whole dynamic little different. I think it was by design because I really really spoke. I think a lot of it was my family heritage goes back to the teen. Hundreds and a grim. Father Kenny on not sure how many generations removed was a surgeon at the battle of sandy sinto. He was later the Texas State surgeon and also the sparks is are in deep, and it's was my mom side. That just totally took me out of where I was going to go with the western game. Another thing I'm gonna share with you got when I was doing these Falstaff beer commercials. I was over in Fernley Nevada doing these spots with another actor named Mike Whitney who's now did but a guy came up to me. Wrangler was sitting in the saddle guy came and put his hand on my. And he said are you Nelson? How they said this is a long time ago. I said, yes, sir. Should I let your debt? In went on from there. He knew you're dead. And that was. That was a special moment because he made he said saying the made you think about your dad definitely than you connected at all it just like my dad. Djamil? No that wasn't the dumb shit that he thought it was to be an actor. Anyway, the western thing. Yeah. It it really worked at always love dune love being outdoors. I love the fact that the outdoors was a primary character in the western genre. I love the mimic gravitated toward those the horses. Let the whole thing. And I love the implicity of the form. There wasn't a lot of gray area. It was black and white. But I did get to a point where I thought my ever going to get out of this thing where kids it was what I was doing. And it was down in New Mexico was New Mexico teases. I'm sure it was New Mexico on a John Milius film. And I got a script down there. This was a picture. The ref writers for TNT. Playing like a supporting role, but it was got was one of my favorite roles. John buford. Who is a officer. The northern forces. So anyway, I get the script in from the Coen brothers. And it can't wait to get off the set delivered to mid to set. Can't wait to go read it finally, it's going to be something else other than this western thing. 'cause it's it's a Coen brothers. Moves. Gotta be some crazy character westerns, right? I look at the script. And I it's a description. There's a song tumbling tumbleweeds playing in the background this kind of southwest accent sounding not unlike Sam Elliott. On the page description when he shows up, you know, dressed as drugstore cowboy looking not unlike Sam. I never going to get out of this. I remember going to the ship. The next day in talking to John who will new the cones. I said, what do you think minutes is not much apartment? So what do you mean? What do I think many? Gotta do it not doing right. Anyway, I went and did it and that led to the contender. I'm gonna definitely want ask you about that. But before we get there. I mean. Did sell that encounter short? Didn't. They know. Well, just I mean, that's a character that for many people's comes right to mind when they care the name Sam, Elliot among others. But sitting there at the bar with his bare chatting with the dude and among other things just obviously at first there's this feeling like here, we go again. But on the other end is that the moment where you kinda learn to just embrace it because it's there, and you can have some fun with been working for the brotherhood event. Right. And yet one with it, bro. I watched Jeff career from long before Riquet to California. Contemporaries, and you know, when he was working on CNN with his brother dead show. Jeff was great from the get-go Hannah fuckers that guy so good. So young Bank. Always good always attracted and have a chance to get to know him. And everybody thinks we all know each other right in this town, but never cross Baz. Jeff Walker that bully now. And when you are working with him on a project that is..

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