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He didn't know it was crawlers well. Now you know. because. I didn't drink for a week. You're making up for last time, so shit's been crazily ironed. Now now that it's out of the way, let's let's talk about thin, lizzy. Let's do it then, lizzy. You was one of those bands that you couldn't take your eyes off of. There's a lot of reasons for that. The biggest of which was the dynamism of the band's lead, Singer and bassist Phil Line Fuck you bases. There's no question that he was the very first Black Irishman to achieve commercial success in the world of music. There's also no question that his extraordinary life ended tragically and way too soon. I don't like this. We really couldn't have picked a better band to talk about this week. Considering the media coverage as of late. George Floyd, Brianna Taylor Ahmad Aubrey, Tony mcdade, and so many more people of color became victims of white violence in the last couple of weeks, although fills eventual death was not directly at the hands of white people. It still was caused by an epidemic. That disproportionately affects far more people of color than white people, and that is drug abuse. Damn it. We can officially say day zero. No heroin heroin. Sorry okay calendars all right. Thin lizzy started in. Dublin I all Ireland in Nineteen, sixty nine, it was one of those bands that had a revolving door of guitarist, but Phil Lineup and Drummer Brian Downey were the pillars held the band up throughout its tenure. Brian was born in Dublin on January, twenty, seventh, nineteen, fifty one and grew up in the suburb of Kremlin. Okay, which sounds so Russian. It's probably pronounced, completely different Kremlin something like that. Kremlin. He was heavily influenced by jazz as a child. And when he started playing drums, that jazz influence could be easily distinguished. He grew up in a musical household with a father that played in an Irish pipe band. It was his father, that introduced him to jazz in his favorite rock bands, the rolling stones, the Kinks, and of course the Beatles of course of Co everyone everyone loved the Beatles. Vehicles Brian took his love of playing drums with him throughout school, joining various bands with his peers lake. The liffey beats liffey beats. I think that's how you say it, yeah. That sounds right. Yeah and MoD CONCAVE DWELLERS I don't know that sounds I'm looking some would call a band. Things were weird in the sixties in Dublin. I feel like I. Think things are still weird doppler. I'M GONNA. Say Yeah, things are still weird. That's what keeps Dublin interesting true. But once he met Phil, line at Everything Changed Phil had a much different, much more unconventional childhood than Brian. He was born Philip. Paris Line on August Twentieth Nineteen, forty, nine, in West, Bromwich England. His mother Philomena line. It was an eighteen year old white woman from Dublin Ireland's and his father's see so Paris was a black man from Guyana `wow! The Scuds Walter Cultural F. C Sola Philomina had met in Birmingham in Nineteen forty-nine, and we're only in a relationship for a few months. When seasonal was trans transferred to London for work shortly after his departure, philomena found out she was pregnant. Oh, she's pregnant. Yeah, an propaganda NANCE, no hope she takes any starch masks. Although. She was unmarried and did not continue a relationship with C.,.

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