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Weakest impeachment in U. S. history with zero evidence of a crime the modal me on Wednesday release two Democrats voting against this seventy percent American people approve of this Jackie and often Jim call me I policy get the latest news right I was wrong I was overconfident China all this sex for these talk radio six eighty this circle game yes the circle the river to the circle game ever played this certainly was it something that you did teenage years some people seem to do it in their adulthood two but it's just a dumb game that kids play and now now cadets in Annapolis in west point are being investigated as to whether or not they were playing the circle game or whether or not they were secretly flashing white power symbols to other people around I don't know I don't know does it but Hey you know what how about we given the benefit of the doubt before we pronounce these kids serving our country as races you know Alexander Vendramin the lieutenant colonel who testified against the president he's a hero and how dare you question his word at all he's a man of integrity and then the cadets are well there is of white power problem in Annapolis and at west point and we must root it out the same people saying those same things let's let's go to the phones for one of the V. C. B. M. six eighty or one hundred W. CBM six eighty Homer and rising sun welcome the program armor zero Hey did you play the circle game growing up yes and I want to tell you about it I've got three points to make you feel like me thank you got about two minutes to do it okay first point the reason the Democrats and the media so hot about this is from got a tremendous ovation at the game yes yelled and screamed for trial okay second point when somebody Schlueter's show through the cirque when I was a kid and you were quick enough and put your finger through the circle thank chancel without then you get to punch him okay and the third point I want to make is they were talking about the city about the almost will push through it with the blouse you away and just give him a ticket demolished state good molded Muslim a blue state let's send a California the lovely weather out there Homer I appreciate the phone call yeah I forgot about that it I read there I was like what is the circle game so I googled it and and the rules to state clearly if you get your finger in there you get the punch them back again it's look if if you're out somewhere you're not carrying a ball or a ball of admitting or or whatever with you you find something to do people are creative and they came up with this I'd never heard of it before but Hey it is legitimate and been around awhile and now it is being used for power because everything is political Sandra in a car you're next on the Derek hunter show hello Sandra well I when I was in high school and junior high school in the seventies that's what they did and they use their credit well over there Friday yeah they make you look at the thing and then a glass and then thank you yeah I mean that's here's what they did with senator did you realize at the time the you are perpetuating white supremacy and racism because every black white yeah but will they all were in on it apparently had a date you know is that's that's the saddest part is all the unwitting self is the prince in white supremacy yeah I I I appreciate that was it did you play or did you was it just the guys punching each other yeah after and so much of the male teenage years is scratch centric as a matter of fact Rick is right yeah well that was the point of it I appreciate the call center were just up against news that's that's it it was just Steve what people have their fun but no now you can be used for political purposes therefore it must be run whether CBS news report next.

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