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Making the games back then they've since been bought and bought again as happened with game companies but they did say that lara croft was there mickey mouse if you wanna see something different about this tomb raider movie than some of the previous once they wanted complete veto control over every stage of this movie because they knew this was their money maker every year they were putting out a game now they did decrease in quality and eventually they just killed that golden goose but at this point it was still very much their bread and butter and so you had them looking at every script evei were involved in casting absolutely every piece of this they were there and looking at how does this reflect our game are they doing the moves from our game are they doing the iconography from the game one thing that they insisted on angelina jolie had to wear those short short she didn't wanna wear the short shorts they ended up doing it for just a scene but she had to wear the shore shorts to me in that outfits absolutely i mean boy if there's one revolutionary thing i mean if you wanna talk about the synthesis of the movie world and the video game world the idea that they got her i mean i don't know where the actress ends and the character begins but they are symbiotic i mean there they take things i think from jolis personal myth those that she sleeps with knives that she has this fight with her father that she adopts children from cambodia all those things are like seamlessly sucked into this lara croft character only half of that was happening back when she became lara croft the kids from cambodia actually came out of this movie they filmed in cambodia and she's like oh look at all the kids and should collect them i kinda wondered that but the sleeping with knives according to i am deby trivia take it with a grain of salt she had to do regular drug testing because she was doing a lot of her own stunts she was with billy bob the rumors of the druguse and everything else the play.

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