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The support one triple eight three two one six thousand in one chris thank you for being with us in eleanor chris norm good evening by the way you know the uh to every seat delivery either in their recovery call it there is a season turn turn turn everything yeah right and that was about the bird with pete seeger okay wrote the song i well i know the birds version of it i mean i know the vertebrate liberate recorded it but he will he wrote it i'm glad you put on a record and have it on that i got to put everything on the record norman know the facts and live with the crew i'm with the all the way on that go ahead okay by the way you use the code whoa nauseam by brock obama yeah i think i know the one you referred to as this one putting yourself emotions you've got it rolled through their us why would say ad nauseam i'd say i use a lot but as early as one of my top five minutes hi my favorite with number one or number two on your hip feraud's definitely a bit one i mean then tommy lasorda you think at my opinion of it they of really go to clips year but surely one of them and let me put norma and by the way i am not in any way shape or form an all right i am not in any way shape or form a you know neo nazi or trump supporter or a rightwing republic swine bucket however having said that nor do i own a gun nor do i have ever owned a gun nor will it ever it would have got noise nor do i believe that everybody everybody should be able to own a gun so hopefully those are my bona fide he you know gutting on the table oh reply what are you ever acquired area why don't you apply that quote to you know the people who voted for trump why don't you look at the world there i do i have rarely i'll i disagree i mean john case i profoundly disagree i here when those a great conversation chris i love this i let me just say in my own defence that i have and i can remember distinct instances over the last many months where i have attempted to when i.

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