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And that really karma comes back to bite him. Because war dog says, hey, we have to get rid of Chris. Now, here's something that I that. I think ended up happening where I went back. I watched the previous episode again, also 'cause I want to that conversation between Chris and with with ward, I really think that Chris should've voted out Kelly at the previous vote he should have gone along with that. And kept kept Keith in the game. So now, this is the second time that war dog gets approached by Chris about it. Should vote out Kelly win where I really think that the chickens did a lot to hurt Chris. Because the the two people who wanted to kill the chickens the most were war dog and Kelly Wentworth, and they were completely in lockstep about the chickens, and I think that that made them feel like that they were completely in lockstep about the game. Yeah. And I mean, you'd think so we have repeated multiple times the last person to have the Flint was Chris. So you think that you know, maybe they're like Krizan? Chris lost the Flint. I don't think that. I don't think he was that. I don't think it was. Okay. But I feel like today, you know, I want some of the dogs secret scenes. He's like talking about how him and Kelly that completely agree. They wanna eat the chickens they won. So I think that that brought those two closer together. And I think that he really looks at Kelly as as a tighter allied in Chris. So it was a really bad move on Chris's part to not only talk to dog about voting on Kelly when worth the first time. But then to bring it up a second time and for him to miss just how tight war dog and Kelly Wentworth had gotten. So I think that that's really the big mistake, and then to be completely blindsided by the fact that war dog return around in the boat out, Chris and go to Kelly Wentworth with that. I just reading body language for last week's episode. And this week's episode us. I saw and I felt anyone paying attention that chemistry between war dog. And went was air. I mean, I'm not saying they're going to fall in love and get married make babies, but they just. Filing, which wise that was so wrong. It also Kelly is in single also..

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