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Theraworx relief I'm Pam Coulter as the Senate prepares for. Confirmation hearings for supreme court nominee Brett Cavanaugh Democrats and Republicans are arguing over what records are. Not being released CBS's ouija Jiang majority leader Mitch McConnell has said the outrage is unfounded so, far I believe, senators who've met, with us nominee and then had negative things to say about him we're Democrats who'd already announced beforehand they were going to oppose the chairman. Of the judiciary committee Senator Chuck. Grassley released a statement supporting. The decision to hold, some records and provided numbers of how many cavenaugh related documents have. Been turned over more than, four hundred thousand the most recent supreme court nominees Four, military jets left formation in sore toward the heavens and, a moving tribute to Senator and former. Navy pilot John McCain who was laid to rest at the US naval academy today. The Pentagon ordered US flags to be raised a full staff at sunset on. NBC Minnesota democratic Senator Amy klobuchar hailed McCain's bipartisanship you have a number. Of cases where we work across the aisle all the time but we have to. See more of, it and. When people are afraid of pissing off President Trump until. They won't come over and work with us that's a problem so people are going to have. To rise to the race has become an issue in the swing state of Florida where Tallahassee, mayor Andrew gillum, who's African American, is battling Trump backed Republican Ron to Santa's in the governor's race Gillam was on CNN up called on my opponent to really work to. Rise above some of these things People are taking their cues. From him, from his campaign in from Donald Trump, and we said we saw in Charlottesville the, could lead to real frankly dangerous outcome car chase involving gunfire ended in a crash east of Nashville Tennessee, are looking for suspects in the fatal shooting of a twenty, one year old New York man during a car chase on I forty just east of, Nashville a, second man, from New York. City was hurt with the Reddell SUV they were in crashed police say the vehicle, containing thousands of dollars in cash and was. Chased on the busy highway by two other vehicles Elisa de LA Cruz of Yonkers New York was shot. In the head. And died at the scene Jim Krasula CBS news the search, continues for four people still missing after last night's collision of two boats, in the Colorado river Mohave county sheriff Doug Schuster off, water and shoreline searches.

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