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But have more time to be a dad. So that's my my five year plan is to move into something like that. And I'm doing more writing as well have Cagney now, which is great. And after we get into Broadway. It will go into the world and other people will do it and that'll be that'll be wonderful. And I wanna create right more things like that. So those are the those are the next step for me. Also. All right. Let's get tagged the on Broadway. That would be so cool last thing I'm gonna hit you with here. Robert, I love to ask all the that. I get on the podcast what type of advice? Do you have that new dad or for that about to be father who's out there listening? Yeah. Gosh, that's a whole. We could talk for these. Same outta time about that stuff. I guess well, one of the things is and I'm into it. Now, my kids when things and you can say to yourself to the dad is it a big problem or a little problem? I think that is what I would say just remember that question. 'cause I ask you when something seems very dramatic. See my five or seven year old like the world is coming to an end. And there's a meltdown happening. I say now I understand you're set about that is a big problem little problem, really. And you know, the same thing you can say to yourself when you have a new child or your belt to have a child, and you're stressed about things or you know, and you don't have don't feel prepared or whatever. Or or something happens in your you say to yourself is it a big problem? Little problem. Ninety percent of the time ninety five percents time. The answer is in the big picture. It's a little problem. So it's not worth the stress rings IT that you might give it you say, hey. Is this mind get you? It's a little problem. There are big problems, of course, and health issues that you have to dress in a major way. But, but generally, there's a lot of things that you think in the moment our big problem. But if you step back and say is this a big problem or a little problem? The answers often it's a little problem. It might help you move through it a little more easily. Great advice. This has been a lot of fun. Robert Creighton, I have to say, thank you so much. Give me a few minutes of your time. And I have to tell you that not only do I thank you my mother. Thanks, you my father. Thank you, my sister. Thanks you. And I thank you. I love it, man. I love it. And and when we get to Broadway, I want you. They're opening night. Brother. Come on. No doubt. I will definitely be there. I pray that you do make it happen. I would love nothing. More than the bring my family to New York City to watch Cagney on Broadway. So best of luck to you with that. Good stuff. All right. I'm going to wrap things up and just a minute here. Back to wrap things up here on first place. Fatherhood. I gotta give a special. Thank you. Once again to Robert Creighton giving me a few minutes of his time here. I hope you guys enjoyed that as much as I did. Please get over to Twitter guys draw me a DM on Instagram. Let me know what you thought about today's episode. I always loved to read your feedback. If those of you who stuck.

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