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Whoah i mean i look at the iphone ten and that's got johnny i've written all over it i mean i maybe maybe his gut maybe his lieutenants really know his stuff i don't know that that's certainly come at a mini often blue worked with a strong design lead can channel that person yeah in a in a real is so so yeah i i think i'm on the i think it's it's just shuffling stuff around a little bit of people coming people going ever so slightly an in whatever reason it's a shame the both of you are wrong a a cia cia uh there was that article though in the washington post virgils are reminded me a wide as an apple make its devices as carefully as it's making apple park i'm not sure they'll this is occurred dissenting uh point of view which for help so if i don't know if the roof on apple park leaks ethnic a his roofs leaked and said oh no i'm just saying if they don't have moisture sensors on that steve jobs theater they might want some i love this kroger from johnny eyes um we didn't make apple park for other people i show pencil a lot of criticisms i think are utterly bazaar because it wasn't made for you i know how we work and you don't while this probably aunt refers to the we make the iphone 10 for others for us emag but in a way in a way if you're a great designer that's kind of i don't know is that true or not i'm not a designer on the one hand you i think of people like uh norman don norman who who says no you have to consider the function formerly adults function and i think of other people who say yeah but if you're an artist you don't look at the audience before you create your work of art you you create some hair eight but you're not you're not having an operas when i i i always come back to the analogy of a of a suspension bridge her or any kind of bridge the golden gate bridge is beautiful it's gorgeous it's a landmark but that doesn't count if it doesn't function as a bridge that's why designing ideology could be so difficult don't you get no credit for doing something innovative you go.

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