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It's heidi here with sam gordon and we're gonna get into what happened. Here with the raiders at number seventeen in the nfl draft. Sam alex leatherwood offensive linemen from alabama selected. Seventeen for the. Las vegas raiders. What was your initial reaction. Because i know heidi first and foremost great to be here. I had a great time in cleveland. So far it's been a heck of an experience. Glad you're here With said In terms of your question definitely surprised right definitely surprised Not surprising right tackle. i Continued to voice leading up to the draft. I thought right tackle away to go was an obvious. Need in the offense of line of ministry of this team despite its it's consistent struggles. Last year's the offensive line was a pretty reliable unit and lot of turnover tram. Browns gone just going to be some reshuffling move out gave jackson you move out and you knew there was going to have to be some adjustments made and there was a glaring hole the right tackle and they went with right tackle so i they feel the need but just now player. I thought they'd fill that need with and you look at how the board was shaking out. Thought christian dare saw. I was going to be big especially considering what his grade was. And and and where. The raiders were picking. He wasn't now that said just because alex leatherwood is a surprise and we didn't expect him to be there doesn't mean he won't be a good player but it feels like more often than not the raiders. Under jon gruden. Mike mayock have reached for players that they could have gotten later and are maximizing the value of their first round picks damon are net in twenty twenty was a good example. That and even cleveland farrell. Who's a very good player by the way in the top five and twenty nineteen so a couple so with that in mind. I think alex leatherwood at trend. But the jury's still out on how good he's going to be i think he has a lot of potential beauge player was an all american big-time film comes from a big time program and he's gonna get his opportunity to prove mike. Megan jon gruden ryan look. I want to be optimistic about this. But i think there were other guys that were on the board. That had a lot of potential. And the raiders did go out here and they went out on a limb

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