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But until that returned to normal, many Americans in desperate need of financial relief. From Wisconsin. We head to Louisiana, where it's been just six weeks after Tropical Storm Laura made landfall, and the state is now bracing for an impact from Hurricane Delta. Expected to make landfall late today in Lake Charles, where 95% of that city's buildings sustained damage during Laura. The entire city is under an evacuation order. ABC meteorologist Rob Marciano. Is there standing amid the piles of debris still left over from the last storm. Here we go again. Blue tarps line the roofs of this city. The mayor telling me yesterday that many of the buildings are compromised in this town. For that reason, he told everybody to get out for safety reasons. We just saw a huge exodus. But now here comes the rain. The wind old increased later on today. It will be east of us the centre but we will see strong enough winds to where they will be more damage here. Unfortunately, Louisville will feel some effects from Lto beginning tomorrow and into Sunday in the form of some rain that will be heavy at times. Also LG any crews are on standby it ahead to Louisiana after the storm passes. Help in restoring power. Your next news update is at 10 30. I'm Will Clark News radio 8 40. W H A s. Here's your chance to win $1000 text the nationwide keyword but 202 100, you'll get a confirmation text and invoke standard data and mistreat supply in this nationwide contest. That's fun to 202.

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