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So some onepercenters are more equal than other onepercenters which is kind of weird so when these people who think that everything is political and everything must be it's about i call it michael stipe disease are michael stipe is a lead singer of rem and if you ever seen it in interview with michael stipe ab there are a couple i don't want to say every one of them but every interview i've ever seen of michael stipe he looks like somebody just told him that his dog died and he comes across like somebody just told him that his dog died and he has this mentality when he talks about politics with some much suffering in the world it's terrible as awful and everybody knows somebody like this where and how how can you have any fund in life when somebody out there somewhere in the planet a suffering i don't see why we should go see a comedic movie when i know that there's starvation in africa like okay did if you wanna do that if you you want to sit at home and cut yourself and feel better about yourself that way knock yourself out i'm going to go have a couple of drinks with my friends and go see this movie michael stage disease and so the progressive left while they seemed to enjoy themselves a lot more than michael stipe debts does they changed it from the guilt to anger they're not really didn't feel guilty about the money are hoarding isn't true but the way that they talk about economics you'd think that there were hoarding if they applied it to themselves they talk about what everybody else can do and how everything is wrong in this country so when beyond say gets up there to talk about two states suffering at the moment texas and florida from natural disasters she can't just talk about.

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