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So it's just like, a, what else could I ask for here? It's craziness. But at first I was like, oh, cool. Now if he treats family that was before to what now Danny amendola switch. I don't really know what to think about Eric decker can replace the Denny. I'm Dula sized hole in the patriot. He's the only person who could and he did. I swear to God. I think that like Robert Kraft. Like knows like he just needs to keep it like like he watches switch on the tone like he's just trying to get a great player like he needs to get someone who was like hot and like people are gonna love. Do you know what I mean? That's reputation now it really boosts morale. And then you have girls like us who are now patriots fans. I really hope they go to the Super Bowl because we'll be there and then we'll get to see Eric decker pie. Maybe we'll be near Jesse. We'll be like, oh my God. Like, have you heard of morning? Does he should come on it? I feel like she could totally come on it. She could. We met her at the maze and her belly. Her pregnant belly rubs her belly with. I think she was really taken aback that's show shot. That's a really weird thing with celebrity that you just met is a bold move. To be determined anyways. This is also a bold move, but it's also a little sad for me because he joined the titans and they moved back to Nashville and it was a dream, right? And the families Nashville dresses in making country music. And I think that they thought that they would be there for a while. So I imagine even though the patriots is very prestigious, it's a lot of change for the family. What about the kids like their school life? I know that's hard and it's only a one year deal. So I don't even think that the kids in the family are gonna move up north me neither, nor should they. I was gonna say that they shouldn't. I feel like it'll be a lot of flying in travel travelling like they can't handle it with new baby like to move again. But he's been on like every good team not good, but like prestige the jets, I know they suck, but I use York. He's just been on every team and I don't know if that's a good thing. I don't know think it might become into a close. I mean, it's all business. I did say how much his his one year deal is going to cost them have taught that much. And that's probably why they did it also because I, it's the. Siege of Eric decker minus. But I wonder if Robert Kraft even like put into consideration, I feel like all of the team owners. He does not like really doesn't give a damn. I've said it once and I'll say it again, but I've never said it on this big, the patriots are the Kardashians of football, and he knows that I love you talking about how big this platform is, because I'm just as I understand. I understand. I do. I really do in June. So this is just voting for football season. Are you going to be watching now? I am, yeah. And now your big pats fan, I was pats fan before work. What else would we be? We have nothing here yet. He proud actually. I think technically the giants are considered a good team, but I'm just I don't care about them. I don't care about them. I don't. I just, I just like hop players..

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