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The rosters and she was busy all weekend finding them practice squad simon sore new homes and that's kind of the scramble that is done in the final weekend before the regular season with the change in the rules which is that there are no previous cut down date now everything is done in the final weekender that's the only deadline i just past and teams have to be down 53 rosters fifty three man rosters excuse me and they're practice squads so that was happening over the weekend if you haven't been paying attention to the us open now would be a really good time to start do you know that four american women made the quarterfinals at the us open hasn't happened in a long time not since two thousand two is what i think i read from our friend christopher clary who covers tedesse among other things for the new york times you add four of the five american women from the round of sixteen advance to the quarterfinals so venus williams who is the only remaining previous champ at the us open plus slowing stevens madison keys and coco vandeweghe and none of them are in the same matches which is really cool because that means the semifinals could be all four american women i don't know what the probability is there but could you imagine an all read white and blue semi finals of the us open that'd be pretty damn cool so yeah first time since two thousand two that half of the us open quarterfinals is made up of american women venus can actually took over the world numberone ranking if she wins the us open and she hasn't done it and sixteen years of course she's a seventime grand slam winner i believe but she hasn't won the us open since o one what a great story at thirty seven years old and if you don't know who she's facing patrick evita if you're not a big tennis fan you may not know her story not that long ago i think it was december she had a knife attack at her apartment and her hand her left hand she's left handed her left hand was gashed it was badly badly injured one of her fingers was.

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