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Enforce state. Senate is debating a Bill that would allow Massachusetts recipe smart thing to do. In this situation would be he successfully advanced complete details. The impact this will have on the witnesses here. Tell WBZ. News radio. Whatever stops ten thirty. WBZ w x ks FM HD two meant for an iheartradio station. Now more than ever it matters. Where you get your news WBZ News Radio. I'll match piper three weeks ago after jesse's spot. Let seem to be the victim of a hate crime on the streets of Chicago. Now, he's accused of a felony WBZ radio's Bob Roberts. Lease grew increasingly skeptical about small accusation, the two men taunted him with homophobic scores. Put a noose around his neck beat him and doused him with bleach after questioning last week of the two men who allegedly participated in the hoax. The department's attitude change. Notably police detectives appeared before the grand jury that within hours charged smollet whose attorneys say they will mount a vigorous defense, the allegedly false report could send smart to prison for up to three years. If convicted Bob Roberts, four CBS news, Chicago, the thirty six year old actor could have an initial court appearance in the afternoon. The lease say they're trying to negotiate his surrender. A self professed white nationalists. Who was also a Lieutenant in the coast guard plan to quote, murder and isn't civilians on a scale rarely seen in this country. Says federal prosecutors correspondent David Martin reports Christopher Hansen was arrested on Friday when federal agents searched his basement apartment in the suburbs of Washington. They found fifteen firearms and over one thousand rounds of ammunition. They also found a hit list which reads like a who's who of liberal politics. Speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer and presidential contenders Senator Kirsten gillibrand, Elizabeth Warren Kamla Harris and Cory Booker the list. Also includes television anchors from MSNBC and CNN a big winter storm has led to widespread flooding across the south flooded roads closed schools and businesses from Mississippi east to the Carolinas Huntsville, Alabama first responder chat Tillman with a warning for drivers tempted to go through running water you look at.

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