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By century casino in central city Ian hope you had a nice refresh sheen that three day weekend although when you cover the NFL do you really get weekends you know I make sure to take some time to grow and maybe have a drinker Taylor that's one great thing about this time years young sort of kind of monitoring things felt like there's not a ton it's gonna happen on Memorial Day except it's like something kind of bad like an arrest or something we don't have any of those so I didn't actually have a relaxing weekend which colonized R. A. C. J. C. Tretter the NFLPA president same quotes our union has not agreed to any re opening plan any reports coming back to work or hypothetical you will hear from the NFLPA when there are new developments we are hearing that there is talk about it bites the NFLPA can definitely put the brakes on anything that they don't agree to at this point right yeah and they've always been able to and that's what's so interesting about today there was a story from doctor who I believe the kind of said you know basically coaches have you back in the building next weekend we get a mini camps in June and the date that was mentioned was June twenty seventh well the problem is is that the NFL and the NFLPA have agreed that that they're mandatory mini camps if they're even allowed to happen will be no later than June twenty six literally could not happen on the twenty seventh you know there was one problem with the straight the other thing is you know when you're gonna write a story like that you you sell these things could could could you know some of those things need to happen right like if you're gonna toss it out there has to be a really good possibility even just to talk about the this could happen we just don't know enough yet like you know there's been some memos and even some discussions that I think there's a possibility that coaches could be back in the building in the possibility that it could be something where players returning June I just you know one thing I've learned in this pandemic state is one thing I think we we just don't know enough I one thing that is true today might not be true tomorrow and just sometimes even though we don't want to do it it's good to just wait and see what actually happens before reporting anything the one thing that we're we're are trying to figure out is that this Major League Baseball story and how the owners Warner split revenue is is kind of throwing us for a loop and one of things we want to know is what is the salary situation it is there are no changes right now the owners are going to go with what the thought was gonna happen financially and yes which is going to play football yeah I mean that's when Mike really concentrating about the NFL right now as you know we've covered the pandemic as much as like anyone with great stories we talked about it the weekends almost strangely been unchanged you know like there was no off season so there's no cheese and mini camp but I mean I you know that's like a small thing in the grand scheme of things means others like glorified kinda walk throughs a little bit right if you don't get any revenue from them we had a draft we had free agency moves while those a bunch of trades ensure crazy and identifies basically been on changes of there's no salaries that are really been affected I mean I think right now everyone thinks this season's gonna start on time and you know there probably won't be a hundred percent fans there but maybe there are ways that the NFL could make up the revenue through ads or other ways I'm not sure the NFL landscape is going to be changed that much maybe a little bit and that you know a little bit less revenue that might affect salary cap next year but the TV contracts are gonna kick in probably after the season you'll be able to get some money from that so I'm not sure in the end salaries or anything else are gonna be changed at all dismember players get paid out their game checks and numbers missed any games right and one of the things that I've been paying attention to or not sorry last weekend was man how prevalent the betting lines war on this match between Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson and adding a Tom Brady my thing and I was like landing thing this is the new normal for us as sports fans in I thought you don't owe two hundred to one you know Brady and Nicholson wins this whole is that what we're looking at a football going forward like this put it out there I have no idea I thought the same thing now I was astounded by just the prevalence of gambling and health office sort of gambling involved as sort of a part of it anyway you know I hate ten Bucks closest to the pain whatever but I mean I was I was astounded by by that presence and you know I don't know if the info is gonna be like that outwardly on TV but like you know some you know words to talk about gambling lines are now we're just not at the network we don't believe might at some point maybe some point to be gambling shows you know I don't I don't know what it's going to be like but obviously that would be a way to increase the revenue lost by fans not hundred percent being there will be in some ways for the league to get some money you know some revenue from gambling surely that that might help a little bit in this case maybe maybe make the league more open to a little bit plus I think that the in game betting is what makes it so crazy that you may lose their jobs I know it was it was as prevalent as as you can imagine and but it was also very very different now if I had been a betting man I would have absolutely thrown a whole bunch of money at cam Newton is going to have an NFL team before Joe Flacco has an NFL team but that hasn't happened in how is it that Joe Flacco's got a team in cam Newton doesn't at this point he to me this actually makes sense Flacco signed a contract with Michael making a bonkers last eighteen million right right yep and he's making one and a half to the jets you know could cam Newton if he really wanted to sign a one and a half million dollar contract with an NFL team he probably could I mean I you know he probably could it's not that it's the promise can lose too good you know no one's gonna sign can do now to be a back up you know there's a chance you might be better than your start in less you literally trying to find a starter in which case you and thirty nine dollars or something like that I think that's probably the issue is there's no starting jobs available and you don't want to sign a backup is backpack good which I mean everyone knows from the team situation a couple was friend to get a job no one wants a back who's gonna get a lot of attention and hello citing candid might just end up waiting and waiting and waiting and I think he's probably going to be okay with that because something is going to happen something is going to happen is going to make cam Newton very important before the season he will have this opportunity what's the latest the from the players about that you talk to about this off season that's I'm I'm just looking at your your direct Twitter feed and see and not thing Humphries was working out with his brothers what have you heard from the players about this this off season so far and their workouts and everything today delayed like it better that they want to get back to the facility because I was never a guy who was in the O. T. A. so this is quite giant dot on those optional actually work I had to go but I mean I just didn't like him it did give you get very little done in my opinion but what what what are the players opinions that you talk to yeah I mean there's a there's a lot of people who you know a lot of people who are not like the hugest fans of OTA's who kind of would like to get back in the seventies and just get the structure I think the main problem they do told players walk you have to go let's say you told them let's see told alignment one alignment occurs just skill guys only OTA's let's say told those guys don't need to come to camp but your gyms are open I think most would take that the problem is guys have to get creative as far as working out so like how do you actually have a workout that's good and get you ready for the season one not all the gyms are open I mean that's been more of a problem and it's it's been more of an issue than you know what about players want to be there T. agent thank and they've had trouble working out so that's why I think that I should get a kick out of the you know work out videos that everyone's posted but that's what life is like because I like art I'm going to get this in we want to go on a gravel hill I mean that's that's what it's like now crazy but nobody wants to out the gym owner that's allowing them to use the facility either they're all like they're trying to be coy I got a friend who's got a place for me to work out if it tried to be as good as quality about it as they possibly can if they do have the facility to go to right now leads the rules are opening up so gyms are a lot of actually talk to twenty one the one in the gym owners in Florida my packages today like what's it like it was so interesting to me talk about you know walking the thin line between being open and being safe and what you can do with your players and wanting guys to come back but knowing the reality of it like it's it's hard man it's hard out there for for gym owners and for everyone in we appreciate it as always we love catching up with you every single weekend hopefully things are starting to open up in your world a little bit mon morning you in the family can get out of the house and we look forward to talking to you next week I appreciate that I hope so too thank god I think so I said is he a report being brought to you by our friends at century casino in central city aren't we come back we're gonna catch up with the head coach of.

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